Posted by Curt on 10 January, 2009 at 2:12 pm. 17 comments already!


John Zeigler absolutely owned the nimrod David Schuster during this interview. My favorite part? Zeigler telling Schuster he is a joke:

Then there was round two where he is owned once more:

He actually named David Brooks, Chuck Hagel and Kathleen Parker as Republicans who represent our party…..oh man, can’t make this stuff up.

And then he has the nerve to ask:

“Isn’t it important to try to test her credibility”

This coming from the network that did everything but wear a blue dress for Obama. Does anybody remember when it was that any MSM outfit asked Obama what the front page news story of the NYT’s was? Sheesh….what a nimrod.

I find it fascinating how downright scared these liberals are of Sarah Palin. We all know the MSM has their back and all but to start the attack machine four years before the next election is pretty indicative of a very scared party. They know Obama will own this recession. They suspect we may be attacked again since the enemy now knows we have another Clinton in office with no spine. And they understand that a very well qualified female, unlike the current President-elect who is completely unqualified for his job, could give Obama a run for his money.

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