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I have a question and I’m hoping someone else with “special” knowledge of these matters can answer it. Because I can’t, for the life of me, figure out these rules (sarcasm intended).

Barack H. Obama, who has spent the last many months bleating like a violated goat about the evil perpetrated by George W. Bush (used both middle initials in the interest of fairness) and who staked his entire presidential campaign on making that fruit as rotten as possible and hanging it around the neck of anyone who opposed him (first Hillary R. Clinton and then John S. McCain) (notice I continue the middle initial tradition — this is for the NSA — do not come to my house, please — I do not find you amusing), now declares that PROTOCOL and DECORUM trumps all other considerations? Am I missing something? Or, is that smell coming from somewhere else?

He CAN’T speak a WORD about what is going on in the Middle East? And this is because it’s TRADITIONAL that the incoming POTUS not speak? About ANYTHING?

The tradition of not speaking ill of the sitting POTUS applies (or, used to) to FORMER Presidents, not those about to take office. Where did this suddenly discovered tradition come from?

And, this is not about what position he might take — this is not about pro-I or pro-P — it’s about Pro-BHO. Is BHO merely a PRO at election politics who has no foggy idea what he’s doing? I get the distinct impression, as I suspect do others, that he doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t have the slightest idea what to say.

I’m sorry. The incoming President is prohibited from expressing an OPINION? That’s odd. Just a few weeks ago, he was expressing his opinion on anything and everything political and otherwise.

He has campaign planks on these subjects. Does he not stand behind them? He published them then and waved them in the face of his opponents (and the sitting President). Is he now mute on the same topics?

And this is because he WON the election? Maybe, possibly, if he had LOST the election. But, he didn’t. He WON. Now he’s days from his inauguration and suddenly he has no opinion because it might unsettle GWB’s delicate constitution?

When did he become such a reticent fellow? A fellow so respectful of the sitting POTUS?

What he seems to miss is that he always has a position and an influence, whether or not he speaks (for my money, he could stay this reticent for the next 4 years — but it’s not likely). His silence has an effect and is having an effect. He wanted to be POTUS. And so he is. What he says is important. What he does not say is important.

And, what he will discover quickly is, when you choose silence, others will fill that silence with what they wish and you, by not speaking, provide them that license.

Sorry, as POTUS, you don’t get to be “not wrong” by not choosing “a dog in that fight.” You cannot vote “Present.” BHO has had sugar daddy’s during his entire political career. Oops. Problem. Now he is the Sugar Daddy of all Sugar Daddy’s, the highest ranking political figure in this nation. There is no one there to pave the way for him. He IS him. There is no HIM higher than HE now is (not politically).

The buck does eventually stop, whether he wants it to or not. Because HE is now at the end of the buck-passing line, not tap dancing somewhere in the middle. Center stage. Spotlight. You asked for it, you got it time.

Anyway, maybe somebody else can explain this “protocol” to me. I, obviously, don’t get it.

Can you explain this “protocol” to me?

I find it, shall we say, a bit queer? That’s the British use of the word, so it doesn’t mean what you might have thought, not at all. It does not mean I’m calling him out as a wimp, or in any way suggesting the P word might apply (let’s just say it rhymes with another name for your kitty). It’s only a figure of speech.

But, certainly SOME word applies.

Can I get some help with this?

I, and the rest of the world, are waiting.

I mean, really, if he’s going to save the world on January 20th, is there something all that terrible about doing it a few days early? I can’t imagine anyone who would mind.

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