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-”Former London mayor Ken Livingstone and rights activist Bianca Jagger joined campaigners who have staged a week of rallies, culminating in a demonstration Saturday which will include a symbolic shoe protest outside Downing Street. ‘I would like to make an appeal to president elect Obama to speak up,’ said Jagger. ‘People throughout the world were hopeful when he was elected and we must appeal to him to ask for the immediate cessation of the bombardment of the civilian population in the Gaza Strip.’”

”Obama and his aides should be openly counseling the Bush administration to use every diplomatic avenue to promote a ceasefire and, above all, to urge against an Israeli invasion and occupation of Gaza. Unfortunately, the president-elect is doing nothing of the sort. Some may imagine that this disengaged approach confirms Obama as a true ‘friend of Israel.’”

”Obama has massive political capital, and could have injected himself into the crisis before it happened. He did so during the beginning of the economic meltdown, and could have lent his credibility to a situation that has spiralled dangerously out of control. Obama has stated that ‘There is only one President at a time’, abdicating responsibility and essentially passing the buck.

Presidential Candidate Obama never went a day in the past 2 years without ranting on and on about one world event or another. Now that he’s President elect…he’s silent. He’s silent at a time where he could actually have some influence (even if it just means supporting the Bush Admin policies and responses), and at a time when he could actually influence the scale of challenges he is responsible for in a few weeks. There is no excuse for ranting as a candidate, and then being silent as an elect, but I’ll let the faux liberal progressives make that case. What I find amazing is that they dare to speak out against The One at all.

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