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What would happen if America won a war and no one reported it? Is it still news? What if a credible argument were made pretty much demolishing Darwin’s theory of evolution? If no media outlet conveyed this information to the American public, does that mean its not a valid argument? Does that mean its not news?

The liberal media would have you believe so. For decades, the old media, consisting of the big three networks and the newspapers of most major cities have had a stranglehold on what information gets disseminated to the public at large. The media elite have decided which issues qualify as news. Not surprisingly, the majority of the information that makes it to the airwaves or in print is overwhelmingly one-sided, reflecting a world-view steeped in progressive values and blatantly hostile to traditional values.

The old media elite, comprised of less than 1% of our population, has set the agenda and defined the issues in America for decades. More importantly, the old media has had the ability to relegate any facts that didn’t conform to their version of reality to the ash heap. If it doesn’t make the news, its not news.

By any measure, America and our allies have won the war in Iraq. Our mission has been accomplished. This is news, even though the media has failed to report it. Iraq’s economy is on track, thanks to much improved security and increased production of oil. Iraq’s fledgling parliament is operating. In other words, we won. The Iraqi people have won. Against tremendous odds.

Because American victory and military success don’t fit the media’s liberal version of America, most Americans remain unaware of the tremendous accomplishments that have been brought about, thanks to president Bush and our brave fighting men. Instead, their focus emcompasses only the price we paid, not the victory we achieved.

Ignoring inconvenient news and embarrassing facts is a tried and true tactic of the liberal media. A prime example is conservative author, Thomas Sowell. Sowell has written dozens of books dealing with race, culture, economics and other issues vital to America. More importantly, his facts have never been rebutted. Knowing there is no chance of disputing Sowell’s studies and conclusions, the media elite have chosen to ignore him. He is simply not a part of their carefully fashioned reality.

That is the fate of any author or pundit who dares to swim against the progressive tide. Can you spell censorship?

Ann Coulter is another example. In her book Godless, Ann makes a credible argument that the theory of Darwinian evolution is a bogus science. The media responded to this serious challenge to one of its core tenets by simply ignoring it, focusing instead on Ann’s cutting observation of four housewives from Jersey who lost their husbands in the 9/11 attack.

From their lofty position of moral self-righteousness, the media roundly condemned Coulter for her lack of sensitivity and empathy. Totally ignored in the ensuing media frenzy, was any mention, much less rebuttal, to Ann’s extremely credible argument demolishing Darwinism.

A majority of Americans are now somewhat aware of media bias. Increasingly, when reading a news story, Americans have the ability to recognize the obvious slant. This is all well and good. What is not well and good, is the fact that many of us are not made aware of all the news out there that is ignored. Credible, relevant facts that are simply not reported.

How many of you are aware that at the recent UN gathering on global warming, 650 renown scientists made a credible challenge to the UN’s conclusion that man-made global warming is a crisis situation requiring trillions of our tax dollars to remedy?

Once again, a credible challenge to a core tenet of progressivism was ignored rather than rebutted. This is media malfeasance.

Every American is entitled to enough information to make informed decisions. Instead, our media gives us only the information that fits the liberal template. This is manipulation of the worst sort. No matter how flat the pancake, there are always two sides. Our media has only been reporting one side, and then declaring grandly that the issue is settled.

The lack of reporting both sides of a story is having a pernicious effect on America, breeding anti-Americanism, victimology, feelings over facts and form over substance. The traditional values which made our country great, are being cast aside, along with Christianity, capitalism, families and other factors which have served to unite and define us as a nation.

The media would have us believe that inclusiveness, multiculturalism, equality and the environment are the most important issues facing our country today. And millions of Americans blindly accept their version of reality as truth. What they fail to report is the fact that each and every one of those policies has been an expensive, catastrophic failure, breeding social pathologies, hate and divisiveness. But, hey, its that thought that counts, right?

Just because the media says something is so, doesn’t make it so. And ignoring relevant facts doesn’t make them less relevant. All it means is that millions of Americans are still willing to let someone else do their thinking for them.

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