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The circus is coming to town:

Burris will not be allowed on the Senate floor, according to this aide and a Senate Democratic leadership aide.

The aide familiar with Senate Democratic leaders’ plans said if Burris tries to enter the Senate chamber, the Senate doorkeeper will stop Burris. If Burris were to persist, either trying to force his way onto the Senate floor or refusing to leave and causing a scene, U.S. Capitol Police would stop him, said the aide.

“They (police) probably won’t arrest him” but they would call the sergeant-at-arms,” the aide said.

When asked about what would happen if he shows up and tries to be seated, Burris told the Chicago Tribune that he’s, “not going to create a scene in Washington.” He added, “We hope it’s negotiated out prior to my going to Washington.”

Does Blago know how to pick em’ or what?

Many are blaming Blago for this circus, but the voters voted him in and he is still in office so it his right to name someone to that seat. Much of the blame should fall on Burris, a man torn to shreds by Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn:

Roland Burris is a disagreeable mediocrity as a politician.

Voters have rightly rejected him numerous times in his bids for higher office—governor, U.S. senator, mayor of Chicago—because he’s at least six parts ego to one part performance, a charmless, presumptuous irritant on the stump and at the debate lectern.

And that ego is what made him accept Blago’s offer as he tries to stick a thumb in the eye of those who have torn him down. Hell, another black politician had turned down the seat prior to Burris. But not Roland. And for that I’m thankful…..Let Burris have that seat (some say he can’t be denied the seat while others say he can) and a Republican may very well have that seat come 2010:

And they will reject him again, assuming, as I do, that his appointment to the U.S. Senate this week sticks and that he runs as an incumbent when the seat is open again in 2010.

Republicans will take over the seat recently occupied by almost-President Barack Obama.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful? A corrupt Democrat puts in place a trail of dominoes that will ultimately end with a Republican in the seat once occupied by our new President.

Sweet music to my ears.

Go Burris Go!

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