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While the FA authors were talking about how to mark this New Year, Mike’s A came up with the idea of a joint contribution post with “best moments”, “worst moments”, “predictions”, etc. Due to time constraints by our FA “founding father”, Curt, your’s truly is the HTML compiler of these contributions.

As you’ll see, our responses to each category varied – some with personal experiences, and others focused on the world stage of events and personalities. You’ll also find we had a diverse take on “FA Loser of 2008″. Uh… would that be one who is “a loser”? Or “loser(s)”, as in the victims of??

Below – by order of our first appearances on Flopping Aces as authors – we offer you our thoughts. We did pull this together at last minute. There’s one of our FA family busy in the service of our country. ChrisG – our friend, eyes and ears on the ground in Afghanistan – who was unable to weigh in due to Internet service problems there. This New Years he, and all our nation’s best and brightest, are in our thoughts and prayers, and we were just happy to hear he and company are well… if not somewhat communication challenged.

Curt’s finally added his… save that “personal resolution” part. Deliberate guy? Our man “not” from Nantucket dodged the same category… huh?

I think I can say, on behalf of us all, that we wish each and every one of you a very Happy New Year! And hopefully, there will be too many “best of’s” next year to fit in a post like this!

MataHarley – HTML grunt



In no particular order

1. The continued success of Flopping Aces thanks to the crew and our readers

2. The day Skye changed her party affiliation from Democrat to Republican (see below)

3. The nomination of Sarah Palin as the VP candidate along with her great speech at the convention

4. The man-made global warming myth finally died.

5. Fred Thompson throwing his hat into the ring for President.

6. Mataharley deciding to accept my offer of joining the FA crew.

7. Mike Singletary named as head coach of the 49ers.

8. The continued success of the Iraq war.

The positive turnaround in Iraq.

1) My fiancée accepting my proposal of marriage.
2) The beginning of the death of the biased print media. (hopefully followed by the rest of the MSM. )
3) Victory in the Iraq War thanks to our brave troops.
4) The Ravens making the playoffs! (boo Pittsburg)
5) The continued success of Flopping Aces.
6) The emergence of Sarah Palin as a true Conservative leader in the GOP.
7) Peter Jackson partners with Del Toro to make “The Hobbit”

1. Election Night 2008. Republican or Democrat or Independent, I think that as Americans we crossed a threshold where a person of color, a minority, a person w no real qualifications can become elected President. I found this important as a historical note and as a note of political change because for so many years so many people (Democrats and Democratic sympathizers like myself) viewed power in Washington as being held largely by Republicans, or by conspiratorial cabals with ideological agendas, or were just generally alienated, disenfranchised, etc.

That night, tens of millions of Americans did find hope. Billions of people around the world found inspiration. Whether those people are misguided, misled, or even fools….that doesn’t matter. Those people no longer felt like they were on the outside looking in. Conversely, nothing could possibly be better for conservative bloggers than a President Obama, backed by overwhelming Democratic Party control of Congress (it’s like an ocean of chum). This might seem like an odd choice for the ‘Best of’ section, but let’s face it, because of this night…we’re stocking up on popcorn for next year!

2. My daughter’s first school play

3. When leaders of America’s big three auto makers came to Washington D.C. to beg for billions of dollars, and they did it by flying in on corporate jets. Somewhere out there is an inspirational poster with a black border, a picture of them and their lawyers in front of Congress, and a title at the bottom that says, “ARROGANCE; When you’re so out of touch with reality that even the Democrats’ Congress won’t give you money.”

4. Doing DoD Bloggerlive conference calls w Colonels and Generals in Iraq and around the world-people on the scene sans media spin, DoD PR, political punditry, etc.

5. Sarah Palin’s RNC Convention speech.

1. When it became perfectly clear we had won the Iraq war (not a single moment really, but a definite happening)

2. The day Sarah Palin was selected as John McCain’s running mate.

Animations - coming 003

This was a year of startling brilliance and stunning lows. Personally, this year has been one that has given my many opportunities to expand my blogging horizons.

1. The nomination of Govenor Sarah Palin as the Republican VP nominee.

2. Gaining press credentials to the RNC convention and sitting in the audience of the Xcel Energy Center as Governor Sarah Palin gave her VP acceptance speech.

3. My beautiful niece Ava Grace made her debut into the world on April 10th.

4. Adopting Buster McCain, and welcoming him to his forever home. Someone’s careless loss was our gain; this dog is a wonderful addition to the family.

5. The dazzling spectacle of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics in August. Despite the political and social injustices perpetrated by the government of China, you have got to give them credit for putting on the most artistic and spellbinding Olympic ceremonies. I felt bad for the London organizers as they must be asking themselves how are we going to top this for 2012?

6. Celebrating Flag Day in West Chester Pa with over 200 fellow patriots.

7. Changing my party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

8. The death of American feminism during this election year, and by their own hand, no less.

9. NASA “Phoenix Mars Lander” touches down on the surface of Mars on May 25th.

10. Sharing wisdom with my fellow posse at Flopping Aces!

11. The success of the Surge thanks to the brilliant strategy of General Petreaus

12. Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series!

On Thu, 5 Jun 2008 at 11:57:AM, I received an email from Curt, and cc’d FA authors saying:

I’ve asked Mata to join the crew….welcome aboard!

Truth is, what I may have found to be a “best moment” became but a “fleeting moment” as the tides changed. Geo and socio political events may morph constantly, but personal politics is a constant. So my political “best moment” of 2008 was a rare gift from Curt and company to exercise my 1st Amendment right, in tandem with others whom I respect.


1. The continued bias demonstrated by our MSM. Patterico’s post on the LA Times spells it all out, as does the moment Chrissy Matthews had that thrill up his leg.

2. The day John McCain won the Republican nomination.

3. The bailouts

4. The economic downturn and collapse of housing market.

5. The election of Barack Obama

Election of Barack Obama to be the 44th U.S. President

1. The continued bias by our MSM.
2. Yet another losing season for the Baltimore Orioles.
3. The economic downturn and collapse of housing market, and the bailouts that followed.
4. The GOP continued it’s abandonment of Conservative values leading to it’s election night disaster.
5. The American public, for blindingly supporting simplistic slogan and emotions in the election as opposed to platforms and principles.

1. Week after Thanksgiving when my wife was laid off from Goodyear after 9 years and only 1 week’s notice. Days later I saw Congressman Tim Ryan (D), and Mayor Don Plesqualic (D) of Akron both raving about how great it is that their pork spending plan to pay for new infrastructure and buildings will keep Goodyear in Akron, and is helping make them more profitable in global market via “a special cooperation between government and business.” Ucking fidiots

2. The day a certain Internet friend got rapid deployed w little substantive notice (Stay safe bro!)

3. 1/28/08, Heath Ledger found dead from overdose

4. The day the last major media outlet closed their office in Baghdad because there wasn’t enough bleed to lead; the day the war over the war ended with the silence of no bad news.

5. Sarah Palin’s MSM interviews-particularly w Katie Couric

1: Election night

2. The night John McCain clinched the GOP nomination

Animations - coming 003

1. Thou Shall Not Hit Women attack in West Chester, PA on March 22.

2. The Great Mistake of 08 – Obama elected President. The least qualified person on the planet is now leading the most powerful nation on the planet. However, we must remember in a truly free society, the people are free to make mistakes. We certainly made a doozy of one this election cycle.

3. Losing William F. Buckley, Randy Pauch, George Carlin , Sydney Pollack, Michael Crichton and the untimely death of Heath Ledger

4. Both Senator Murtha and Obama referring to Pennsylvanians as racists and the very same citizens voted for both of them.

5. Obama shrugging off a question with the response “It is above my pay grade” now he is next in line to become President.

6. Sarah Palin hung in effigy; the perpetrator is given a warning by his housing committee. Obama hung in effigy; the perpetrator is arrested and charged with a hate crime.

7. Mamma Mia! Who told Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep they could sing?

8. Child predator caught protecting rapists and covering up statutory rape at an Indiana Planned Parenthood clinic. This appears more the norm than the exception at Planned Parenthood.

9. Anything story pertaining to Britney Spears.

10. Legitimizing and celebrating the violent past of a domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers

Without a doubt, the overt, hit-bottom fall of the media as an unbiased 4th branch of power, and educator of the US public. They have moved from government watchdog to an irresponsible, unchecked, unofficial influential power with a political agenda all their own.


In no particular order:

1. With the election of Obama and more Democrats its near certain more and more industries will be socialized with bailouts.

2. The far left will get their panties twisted over Obama and the fact that he is forced to govern with at least a bit of common sense on a few things.

3. The MSM will provide cover for Obama over the same things they raked Bush over the coals for.

4. The Democrats will raise taxes, forcing the rich, who pay the majority of taxes, to downsize the job market. Unemployment will rise with the raising of taxes.

What Curt wrote 😉

1. The country will continue to follow Obama and the Democrats towards socialism to the detriment of our economy. As Curt said, The Democrats will raise taxes, forcing the rich, who pay the majority of taxes, to downsize the job market. Unemployment will rise with the raising of taxes
2. The MSM will continue to make excuses for Obama and continue to make themselves look as credible as an Oliver Stone documentary.
3. The Orioles will be out of the Pennant Race a bit after the baseball season starts.
4. Michael Moore will gain even more weight and somehow blame it on the Republicans.
5. Scientists will discover that the Sun actually has something to do with Earth’s weather as opposed to just humans.

1. It’s hard to beat Vice President-elect Biden’s prediction that the world will be in crisis by May, that bad guys will test the mettle of Barack Obama, and that his response will not be what Obama supporters expect or even like. The crisis could be any number of a zillion different things, so I won’t even try to predict which one explodes first. I’ll just go with Joe and agree with his vague, but accurate prediction for #1.

2. Bailouts for EVERYONE! (Though, don’t expect the bailout for citizens to be even half of what it was for investment banks, insurers, automotive makers, and lenders combined)

3. Democrats will declare victory in Iraq continue with the withdrawal schedule put forth by the Bush Administration while also claiming that victory had nothing to do with President Bush.

4. As a result of Obama’s indecision, poor decisions, and actions directly counter to campaign promises, the movement to create a Progressive Democratic Party will grow

5. The Democrats’ Congress will be even less effective than with President Bush in the White House, and their approval rating will drop to match their 2008 low of between 14 and 9%

Code Pink demands that Barack Obama be impeached for war crimes.

Animations - coming 003

1. I hope to meet Govenor Sarah Palin at CPAC this coming February.

2. There will be less civility in the arena of public political debate. Obama’s “get in their face” philosophy will grow to new highs (or lows). There will be increased instances of religious bigotry across the nation. We are already seeing signs of this in West Chester, PA with the attack on the Nativity display and the placement of an atheists ‘tree of Christianity bashing’ placed right next to the cr�che.

3. 2009 will usher in 4 years of Michelle Obama’s down-market style. She will make shabby chic look like couture design, until Sarah comes along and brings fashion and style back to good.

4. With a bumbling president and ineffective congress, the conservative grassroots organizing will grow exponentially.

5. 2009 will see more conservatives winning local elections.

6. More bailouts and less money to fund the more heinous social programs proposed by Obama.

The “hope” and “change” euphoria will reign supreme. A President Obama will be given an “affirmative action” honeymoon period not afforded to other CICs. Obama’s ratings will “soar” like his carefully written teleprompter rhetoric until the gold plating wears thin late the following year.

And oh yeah… Real estate will straighten out… a roof over your head is never out of vogue.


Person of the year is a hard one. Our troops as a collective would be high up on the list but I would have to agree with Scott, President George W. Bush would be my person of the year. He stood his ground against all sides to ensure the success of freedom in Iraq and the security of our nation. While I may not agree with everything he does, his leadership has ensured that we were not attacked in the last seven years and that our nation remained a strong beacon for freedom.

Barack Obama. I can’t remember wanting anyone to lose so badly as I did Obama. The least vetted, most liberal, most undeserving presidential candidate…

This is hard for me too. I do admire George Bush’s stand on the War on terrorism. He understands that terrorists are against everything this country stands for and is the greatest enemy this country can face. But in other ways he abandoned many of the principles I admire. I also admire my fiancée, as I have met few people more dedicated to their family then her. I also admire Palin as a model of class and restraint for not chasing the MSM with a shotgun after they treated her and her family they way they did.

2008’s been an interesting year in that everything was blasted away by the noise from the election. Incredibly historic things happened, but in hindsight I think the most remarkable way to look at the year is in terms of people. More than anything, I saw so many great things in so many people this year. I saw it personally with many friends and family members. I heard mind-blowing stories and tales from people over the phone during those DoD Bloggerlive conference calls (sometimes chilling, others tearful, and always jaw-dropping). We saw incredible people on TV, and in the movies (how could anyone NOT watch The Dark Knight and not shake their heads at Heath Ledger’s performance?!).

I thought back on each of the people I know, and so many qualify in my mind, but I couldn’t pick. Choices ranged from Generals I’d talked to, to friends who had overcome adversity, family members who are fighting illness, others who are fighting Taliban terrorists. I thought of my kids, my wife (always my first choice for anything good!). I thought of Flopping Aces writers, readers, occasional contributors, and of course I thought of Curt (thanks again for buying us all Saleen Mustangs as Christmas bonuses! WOW! Sadly, my Flopping Ace thong is a little big, but thanks for anyway for it). I thought of those in uniform who work so hard and deserve so much.

Confused, and wired on coffee, I asked my wife for her thoughts. She asked if anyone had made a significant contribution to science, the arts, or world peace this year. Astronauts ALWAYS make amazing, heroic contributions. There’re heroes up there right now even as you read this, and hundreds of thousands of people supporting them around the world as well. When it comes to art, it’s subjective, so one person’s ‘WOW!’ is another person’s ‘you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me!’ That leaves peace.

The year began with Israel initiating a cease-fire agreement with Hamas in January. The deal was that Israel would stop its attacks into Gaza if Hamas stopped the rocket attacks being launched from Gaza. Um, that didn’t work out too well.

This week, I posted a video showing how the Al Queda+Taliban are now using car bombs to target little Afghan school girls as a means of getting PR that will drive NATO and the U.S. from Afghanistan and lead to the collapse of the govt there. Debate rages about the “resurgence” of the Taliban. When I talked to a CENTCOM deputy commanding General, he said that the attacks are on the increase, but they’re decreasing in military effectiveness, and increasing in PR effectiveness. The ‘enemy moves at the speed of the internet’ I was told, and on that front…the Taliban are resurgent.

No one can doubt Iraq’s present state anymore (particularly since even Barack Obama and other Democrats are finally recognizing that The Surge in Iraq is succeeding both in security and political accomplishments). The past still remains in debate based on disinformation, misinformation, and straight up propaganda that fuels the couldashouldawoulda people who opposed President Bush by opposing the invasion. The future, looks good, but…it’s as certain as Barack Obama’s resolve and ability to stomach people killing and dying at his command.

Here at home, well, that’s where I came up with the idea for Person Of The Year. It shocked my wife so much her glasses slipped down her nose, and even my dog stopped chewing its bone (for real!). Moonbats and morons who think Flopping Aces is just some wingnut site won’t be surprised though.

My nominee for Person Of The Year is President George W Bush.

While the entire political world – even the world at large – got involved in the 2008 election, President Bush chose to do his job instead. He worked for peace rather than party power. He took action that cost him in the polls and arguably cost his party seats, but he took action that was necessary, is endorsed by Democrats (now, after the election), and he succeeded.

He succeeded in keeping Iran from getting a nuclear bomb this year. He succeeded in keeping Israel from starting a regional war by vetoing their plans to attack Iran. He succeeded in dramatically bringing down violence in Iraq to the point where the mainstream media is bored and leaving, and even political opponents are admitting his offensive worked.

When asked on over two dozen occasions if it was ok to launch air strikes and covert missions inside Pakistan, he approved, and Al Queda’s leadership is suffering bigtime (so much so that even 300,000 locals have left the tribal areas rather than stay and support Al Queda). He kept India from starting a nuclear war with Pakistan.

While President-elect Obama’s staff and chosen administration remains confused and split on how to deal with the renewed air campaign over Gaza (and while Barack surfs rather than bother releasing even a statement), President Bush personally called each MidEast leader. He not only prevented a regional war, but even got many Arab leaders to condemn Hamas (Barack Obama remains silent and shirtless).

President Bush’s leadership prevented at least a half dozen major terrorist attacks on the U.S. this year including an attempt at repeating the 1995 Operation Bjoinka plan that would have killed thousands of Americans in the air between airports. He rebuilt America’s intelligence services. He revamped America’s military to handle not only the conventional wars that most people understand, but also asymmetric warfare like no other force in history has ever even attempted. He saved Liberia. He’s authorized attacks against Al Queda around the globe. And he’s reduced Osama Bin Laden to a PR figure who’s afraid to do PR.

President George W Bush is my choice for 2008 Person of the Year, and he is my choice because of his contributions to American security, military success, and even world peace. If that sounds absurd to many on the left, then they’d better wake up and realize that most of Barack Obama’s foreign policies, war plans, and domestic security positions are the same as George W Bush’s, and they move more in that direction every day that he opens his mouth (granted, he’s been silent for 5days now).

Congratulations Mr. President, and thank you for your service.

Other notables:
The director of Britney Spears’ latest video

Sarah Palin: The entire political process was a bore before she came along.
Our victorious military in Iraq.

Other notables:
Joe the Plumber: He dared to speak truth to power and the fascists failed to take him down.
Michael Phelps
Tony Snow

Animations - coming 003

The United States Military – their blood, sweet and skill have wrought a minor miracle in Iraq. They have persevered when Reid, Pelosi and Patrick Murphy were signing non-binding legislation calling for their defeat. Despite Senator Murtha’s plan to ‘bleed’ the military dry until they came home in tatters and defeat, they succeeded. Even when characterized as terrorists and cold blooded killers by the Democrat leadership, they pressed and were victorious.


Other notables:
Joe the Plumber for being Joe the Plumber!

10 Silver Stars for Green Berets

Christopher Ferguson, Space Shuttle Commander and Northeast Philly native

So many notables, so little space!

Any person of the year has impact – both positive and negative. My first choice for both of these is Sarah Palin. With Sarah, few were ambivalent. She evoked passion in all… bringing out the best in conservatives and conservatism, and the worst in liberal/progressive/socialists. Sarah is the poster child for the cry to return conservatism to the GOP.

Other notables:
Barack Obama. Again, for sheer positive or negative impact on people and events.

Positive [sorta]? PEBO is proof the American Dream has *never* died, does not need “reclaiming”, nor has been “at the expense” of any class or race of Americans.

When I was a child, I was taught anybody could be President of the US (with the qualification caveats, of course…) Obama – oddly enough – has proven that in this country, a person with few to no qualifications can rise to the most powerful seat in the free world. Of course this means that maybe Paris Hilton has a chance too… LOL

But with Obama, we’ve certainly seen nothing is impossible if the right candidate tugs at the right American heartstrings.

There is a valuable negative impact as well. He has exposed the failure of 21st century journalism, the absolute power of political corruption, and the ease with which the US electorate can be fooled and manipulated. While not recognized in full today because of rose colored blinders, perhaps it will be an important lesson that “comes home to roost” in the future.


This one is easy.

John McCain.

1.Barack Obama. The least vetted, most liberal, most undeserving presidential candidate…

2. John McCain. He lost in 2000; his time should have been now, in ’08. But he couldn’t get past the Obama glass ceiling hype, the media cheerleading his presidential rival, 8 years of Bush propagandized as “8 years of failure” to the American public, and a livid conservative base that perceived him as “more of the same” in the worst sense: all of Bush’s liberal sins, and not enough conservatism and Republican loyalty to redeem him

3. Ron Paul. Actually, if I could nominate “people of the year”, I’d write in a vote for the Paul Bearers (supporters of ArPee). Nothing delighted and entertained me more during the primaries than to stir the pot with Paul Reverists, and watch them come out of the woodworks to defend their self-proclaimed Constitutional Pied Piper.

The Republican Party for abandoning it’s principles and the MSM for being a disgrace to it’s profession as a whole and having all the ethics of call girls. The American economy also makes this list.

The American soldier Marine, airman, and sailor

The men and women who serve in uniform are asked to do the impossible with very little. It’s been that way for so long that they are now able to do anything with nothing at all. They succeed in Iraq, and rather than this amazing feat of historic importance….the media leaves?!

They bring stability and peace, and their own Congress tried to cut off their supplies for partisan political propaganda and political action committee funding (ie the Democrats’ Congress gets off on Moveon).

They sacrifice and sometimes give everything – even their lives – and get so little in return.

There’s a sad and disgraceful irony that the American fighting men and women are victorious in every way, and yet fail to get the recognition they deserve. For that failure, we are to blame, but they are the ones that lose what they deserve. They are the losers, and those who oppose their efforts should feel ashamed at each and every success those in the military make-successes in efforts that were opposed.

1. Harry Reid “The War is Lost”

2.Anyone who thinks global warming is due to man’s activity and can be prevented.

3. John McCain: The candidate who was supposed to be able to get moderate and independent voters.

4. Senator Chris Dodd, Cong. Barney Frank and all the Dems who said there was no problem at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

5. Peace Fascists who will say or do anything to make us lose a war.

6. Rev. Wright and self loathing America haters.

Animations - coming 003

Obama voters. Simply voting for change for the sake of change is never a good idea. The old axiom still applies – Careful of what you wish for, you may get it.

The lazy and gullible American voter is my FA loser of the year… see my “worst of moments”…..

And, of course, that drags the rest of America into the “loser” category, too. Uninformed choices and blind willingness to follow what ever the media makes looks attractive – or calls “truth” – means we all lose…

Runner Up: John Murtha… a former veteran boldly using his Congressional position of power to condemn soldiers without trial


The best video of 2008 has to be this one:

That video showed us all, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how Obama became President.

There has been so many great posts its hard to narrow it down. Scott’s posts on the Iraqi Prewar Intel Report and Troopergate would be at the top for sure followed up by the proof that AQ was in Iraq, and Word’s “Were We Greeted As Liberators,” Skye’s great posts on the great work she and the sheepdogs do to support our troops and finally Mata’s great posts on the reasons for the economic collapse this year.

I’d say the most noteworthy post of the year would be Scott’s reportage of the much under-reported and misreported final phase II Senate Select Committee Report on Prewar Intell. Released back in June, at this stage, interest in it was low and it received little media coverage. The narrative had already been written for the previous 5 years: Bush lied. Bush misled us into war. No w(s)md found. What little coverage the phase II report did receive was mostly a confirmation of the media narrative and Democrat perspective on the war. But Scott went through the report and did a more thorough job of it than any journalist out there. Even the handful that did say the report shows the Bush claims were “generally substantiated by the intelligence”.

In addition to the phase II report was the March USJFCOM release of the Pentagon-funded Iraqi Perspectives Project– Saddam and Terrorism: Emerging Insights from Captured Iraqi Documents.

Why are these under-reported/misreported news items so important? Because I believe these arguments “lost” in the public discourse are at the core of our ’08 election loss. Sure, there were a variety of reasons we lost, but a referendum of “8 years of Bush failures” with the decision to invade Iraq at the heart of it, is a significant part of it.

The media narrative is “Bush lied” and “Iraq didn’t attack us on 9/11 (the Administration didn’t make that claim as part of the justification)”. But the real lie is that “Bush lied” and that there was no connection between Iraq and the al Qaeda network/Islamic terrorists.

The worldwide media as a network reaches billions. Scott’s posts- the most thorough journalistic examination of the actual government reports- has reached only a few thousand.

The Senate Select Committee on Intell Phase II report on pre-war intell:

KEY Points Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Phase II investigation report on pre-war Iraq Intel

Senators Remove Their Own Statements from Report on Pre-War Iraq Intelligence

Senators Caught Distorting and Misleading ntelligence Report

On the Iraqi Perspectives Project:

Pentagon Report Confirms Saddam’s Regime Supported al Qaida

Saddam’s Files, They Show Terror Plots, But Raise New Questions About Some Media Claims

“Runner up”, would be MataHarley’s investigations into TrooperGate, an influential contribution to the ’08 Election debate.

I suppose a third entry would be the Ron Paul category of posts. The entertainment is in the comments sections.

[Mata note: Rob went MIA on this one…. LOL]

I have GOT to say that the funniest thing I saw all year was the massive influx of dance videos coming from American troops stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. The stupid stunt videos were fun too. OMG, the one where the tired grunts are sitting on the ground, resting against the wheels of a Stryker armored assault vehicle, and all of a sudden this tough looking SOB starts lip-synching to “Barbie Girl.” Guys, I laughed my ASS OFF at that one!

I also liked the one (can’t find it now) where these guys are looking through the thermal night vision camera on a CROWs system, and the one soldier is talking about the technical stuff, then he pans left and there’s a thermal image of some soldier dancing. He does the lawnmower, and all kinds of stupid ones. Hearing those soldiers laugh so hard, while I was laughing hard…that was priceless!

Muslims hate cute puppies:


*PLUS* The Easter Bunny hates you!

Animations - coming 003

Joe the plumber’s discussion with Obama.

I am Sarah Palin

How Obama Won the Election:

The last group discussion at the blogger conference LeWeb. It gives you an up close look at the difference between captialism and socialism in the intertube world.

Check out the statements by the Michael Moore look alike. He would be the first in line for the ‘spread the wealth’ program.

… and

Mata’s post on Palin Gate simply rocked!

Wordsmith’s every post for the Sunday Funnies… a ton of work, but proof positive that laughter truly is the “best bipartisan medicine”. Thank you, Word… da MAN. Sunday is my favorite FA day


To drink less next New Years Eve!

Oh…my head aches

Animations - coming 003

Write more for Flopping Aces.

Be a great husband and father.

Lead a healthier and more balanced life.

Help work with the GOP to lead the party and the country back to the traditional values that served it
well for centuries.

Be a better person in the eyes of God.

I think I’d like to get a job this year; start talking to grown ups in person rather than just online!

To live up to last year’s resolution.

Animations - coming 003

Reading Guilty by Anne Coulter, not much of a resolution as a certainty.

Photograph more, relax more, and savor the beauty that surrounds me.

Not to set myself up for personal failure by making resolutions….

Okay… not good enuf? Let’s try this. To be more terse in my dissertations…. See how “short” my stuff is here? Relish it. Not sure how long this “condense and edit” trend can last! Resolutions are, afterall, made to be broken!

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