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I’d call this one unfreakin’believable, but…let’s face it, it’s not. This is no more shocking than the typical silent response from CAIR, ANSWER, MOVEON, DNC, KOS, Huffpo, and the Arab Street. Draw a bad cartoon, and it’s time to run to the streets with the molotov cocktails while looking for a Western Embassy/target. Blow up some little girls? Well, if pressed the above groups might say that’s awful, but in practice they accept it silently rather than with the same faux outage that a bad cartoon or a false story about a flushed Koran might generate. The Taliban have been doing this kinda thing (and far worse) since they took power in 1996. The political left has given them a free pass, and barely even gives lip service to these atrocities when pressed. Why? Where is the liberal outrage and demand for human rights? Too tired from ranting about global warming to complain for a moment about a death cult out mass-murdering little girls? If so, please, consider re-prioritizing.

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President-elect Obama had this to say in response:

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