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Andrew Councill for The New York Times
President Bush jogged on Wednesday at the White House with two veterans who lost legs while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. To the president’s left was Sgt. Neil Duncan; to his right was Specialist Max Ramsey. Both men first met Mr. Bush last year at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

3 years ago, when I was in my blogging infancy, I posted on Jonathan Chait’s bizarre criticism of President Bush for exercising “too much”, supposedly bordering upon “the creepy”. Michelle Malkin mentions it in her recent column, along with others who also criticized Bush for being (physically) fit for command. She also compares this with the favorable response- bordering upon “the creepy”- from mainstream journalists regarding how much Obama loves to exercise.

On Christmas Day, the Washington Post delivered a front-page paean to Barack Obama’s workout habits. The 1,233-word ode to O’s physical fitness read more like a Harlequin romance novel than an A-1 news article.

Sighed smitten reporter Eli Zaslow, “The sun glinted off chiseled pectorals sculpted during four weightlifting sessions each week, and a body toned by regular treadmill runs and basketball games.” Drool cup to the newsroom, stat.

Zaslow imparted us with vital information about buff Bam’s regimen: “Obama has gone to the gym for about 90 minutes a day, for at least 48 days in a row.” The Washington Post enlightened us with more gushing commentary from Obama friends and associates, who explain how, as the subtitle of Zaslow’s opus put it, “Gym Workouts Help Obama Carry the Weight of His Position.”

For adoring journalists, you see, Obama’s workout fanaticism demonstrates the discipline and balance in his life. Apparently, what’s good for Obama’s glistening pecs is good for the country. Zaslow quoted Obama Chicago crony Marty Nesbitt, who offered this diagnosis: “He doesn’t think of it as something he has to do — it’s his time for himself, a chance for him to reflect. It’s his break. He feels better and more revved up after he gets in his workout.”

And when Obama feels better, the skies will part, the sun will shine (in moderate, environmentally correct, non-global warming-inducing amounts, of course), and peace will reign worldwide!

Too bad the doughy, McDonald’s-chomping, coffee-guzzling members of the White House press corps couldn’t see the merits of White House exercise over the past eight years. After giggling about his out-of-shape colleagues in the media, Zaslow mentioned in passing that President George W. Bush shares Obama’s commitment to health. What he failed to acknowledge is that the same reporters who so greatly admire Obama’s lithe figure derided Bush for his training schedule.

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Then say it with me, with a straight face: There is…no….media…bias.


Opposition to President Bush has ever been about the scarlett letter “R” next to his name….even when he carries out policies that might be considered a liberal’s dream. Reality check:

what happens to the left when Obama doesn’t begin war crimes proceedings against President Bush and key aides? What will they do when Obama refuses to overturn what the left claimed was “domestic spying” with warrantless wiretaps? When Obama ramps up troop levels in Afghanistan and manages Bush’s withdrawal plan for Iraq will the lefties feel betrayed?

When Dems took control of Congress in 2006 and failed to deliver on their promise to end the Iraq war they blamed it on President Bush’s ability to veto their plans. But soon Dems will control the White House and the Congress. How will the Bush haters handle their disappointment when Obama, Pelosi and Reid tell them that the war isn’t lost and immediate withdrawal isn’t an option?

Scott has suggested that the answer may lie in the ability of reality challenged lefties to simply flip a switch and all of a sudden discover that national security is important if it’s a Democrat in the White House. It reminds me of that old Clinton saying: “it all depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

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