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The Obama team released their internal investigation today while Obama was vacationing and just before the holidays. Quite smart. The report? Not so smart.

Oh, it’s not ignorant in its writing or on the events they want us to believe happened. No, its ignorant to believe that someone with a complete and utter conflict of interest could actually release a unbiased report.

The report was done by Greg Craig, the new White House Chief Counsel.

Yeah, you have that right. The new counsel to Obama made the report.

Wouldn’t a review like this require a impartial, independent legal expert to be taken at face value?

Now with “the one” apparently.

And how about that Gregory Craig:

Among the throng of Clinton regime retreads recruited for the Obama administration we find Gregory Craig. Craig served as Obama’s advisor on Latin American during the campaign, and was appointed last week as chief White House Counsel.

The MSM has mentioned Craig’s role as Bill Clinton’s impeachment lawyer, but mostly has omitted mention of Craig’s role as chief facilitator for Fidel Castro’s shanghaiing of Elian Gonzalez.

Officially Craig served as attorney for Elian’s father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez. This humble man worked as a hotel doorman in a nation where the average monthly salary is $16. The high-rolling Gregory Craig worked for Washington D.C.’s elite firm, Williams & Connolly, one of America’s highest-priced law firms.

Upon accepting the case, Gregory Craig had flown to Cuba for a meeting with Fidel Castro. Craig’s remuneration, we learned shortly after his return, came from a “voluntary fund” set up by the United Methodist Board of Church and Society and “administered” by the National Council of Churches. The same reporters and pundits, who routinely erupt with snide snorts midway through any statement by a Republican press secretary, reported this item with a straight face.

Oh, there is more:

An attorney and top foreign policy adviser to Sen. Barack Obama is coming under fire for representing controversial figures, including an accused human rights abuser, an alleged murderer of a U.S. soldier and even the would-be assassin of President Ronald Reagan.

Greg Craig, who has been termed the “lawyer of the left,” represented John Hinckley Jr., who attempted to assassinate Reagan in 1981 by firing six bullets at the president as he left a hotel. Craig was reportedly the architect of Hinckley’s successful defense in which he was found not guilty by reason of insanity, even though reports by the federal prosecution found Hinckley sane.

As a partner in the high-powered Washington, D.C., law firm of Williams & Connolly, Craig represented former Bolivian Defense Minister Carlos Sanchez-Berzain in a federal lawsuit of “crimes against humanity” due to his alleged role in the suppression of labor union riots in 2003 that resulted in the deaths of 67 people.

Sanchez-Berzain is loathed in Bolivia for allegedly turning the army loose on protesters in what was described as a brutal massacre of unarmed men, women and children, some of whom were reportedly shot at point-blank range.

Craig currently represents Pedro Miguel Gonzalez-Pinzon, president of the Panamanian National Assembly, who is wanted in the U.S. for the 1992 murder of a U.S. Army soldier and the attempted murder of another.

Gonzalez, a harsh critic of the U.S., is accused of murdering the solider, Zak Hernandez Laporte, on the eve of President George H.W. Bush’s visit to Panama in 1992. The FBI is said to have credible evidence proving Gonzalez’s guilt.

The accusations and Gonzalez’s Panamanian government position are a primary reason the U.S. has halted a U.S.-Panama free trade accord.

Beautiful eh? This is the new White House Counsel and the one chosen to review and report on the Blago connection.

Anyone see a problem here?

But I digress, the report basically says that Obama talked to Emanuel and Axelrod about who he would wanted for his seat which lead Emanuel to talk to Blago once or twice and to Blago’s chief of staff four times. Supposedly no quid pro quo…..shocker! An investigation by Gregory Craig turns up no nefarious dealings.

Shocked I tell ya!

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