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Not only has he picked a duplicate of the Clinton administration, he is now proving he will lead like Clinton. Meaning which ever way the public opinion blows.

Jim Angle at Fox News writes that Obama has yet to pick any key intelligence officials:

And one of the central reasons he hasn’t come forward with a pick for one of the top jobs is because he’s running into pressure from an unexpected source — left-wing bloggers.

John Brennan, Obama’s chief intelligence adviser and anticipated CIA chief, was recently forced to withdraw his name. There was no drumbeat of opposition to Brennan from the front pages or on cable. Rather, the pick was torpedoed by the blogosphere.

“Apparently there is a lot of pressure on the Obama team from a blog saying that Brennan couldn’t be made the director of the CIA because he was involved in torture and renditions, which he wasn’t,” said Mark Lowenthal, former assistant CIA director.

The turn of events only emphasizes the influence of the Internet on the operation of a president-elect whose campaign was powered in large part by the Web.

This time its not only polls, its the blogosphere. To be exact, the lefty blogosphere. And if he is allowing that portion of the country to dictate the who, what, and how he runs the war on terror we are in some serious trouble.

But we already knew that.

The lefty blogosphere doesn’t believe there is a war on terror. They believe our intelligence officials should
sit the worst of the worst down, offer them some coffee and cookies and say “please tell us your plans to kill Americans…..pretty please!”

This is who Obama is listening to. The Glenn Greenwalds of the world:

Blogs do have significant influence,” said blogger Glenn Greenwald, one of those critical of Brennan. “I think the Obama team would be foolish if they just ignored what happened on blogs, and I know for a fact that there are people high up in the Obama campaign and now the transition team who read blogs regularly.”

As a result, say knowledgeable sources, the Obama transition team pushed Brennan to withdraw his name. “Their knees buckled,” one intelligence veteran said.

Yup, Obama is listening to the Sock Puppet.


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