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supporters who keyed on the language of ending the war might be forgiven if they thought that would mean bringing home all of the troops.

For years now Senator Obama has promised to bring home all the American combat troops from Iraq in 16 months, and to end the war in Iraq. Now that he’s been elected…well, he didn’t really mean “END” And he didn’t really mean bring home all the “combat troops” as much as just rename them as training, support, security, etc. Tens of thousands of American troops will remain in Iraq for years-at least until 2011, and perhaps indefinitely as there is no longer the promised Democratic TIMELINE FOR WITHDRAWAL from Iraq.

I think this is important, and so do the hundreds of millions of people around the world who opposed Pres Bush’s effort to train the Iraqi security forces, to secure Iraq, to fight Al Queda in Iraq, to leave Iraq only when it’s secure enough to prevent the need for a 3rd invasion, and who demanded a TIMELINE FOR WITHDRAWAL from President Bush. Those hundreds of millions of people around the world saw HOPE and CHANGE in the face of Pres-elect Obama. Instead, Americans are literally getting the Bush plan for Iraq run by Pres-elect Obama.

Does this matter? Nope. The left is as silent as Muslim community after a jihadi bombing. They don’t care. One would do well to wonder, however, if the silence & support for the Bush policy under Pres Obama is yet more evidence that opposition to the war in Iraq was more about opposing Pres Bush than it was about patriotic dissent against a war? 2 Men put out the same policy w the same excuses, but one is opposed, and the other fully supported. There can be no other conclusion than the opposition is against the man not the issue.

ht hot air

Methinks CODEPINK will be protesting the Inauguration [NOT!]

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