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Just as I wrote yesterday while commenting on Victor Davis Hanson’s excellent article slamming the journalistic ethics displayed by our MSM over this last election: (h/t Democrat = Socialist)

The same policies under Bush that were evil are now thought of as, well, necessary.

So too are the reading of polls. To somehow create the illusion that since Obama has been elected things are getting better Rasmussen has this headline:

Congressional Approval Rises a Point After Auto Bailout Rejected

Yeah, that’s right. A point! You would think the headline would scream about how inept our Congress is by pointing out that even with that one point rise only 12% approve of the job our Congress is doing.

Instead Rasmussen wants to highlight the one point.

The day after Election Day, 11% gave Congress good or excellent ratings. Over the summer, just 9% were willing to give the lawmakers such positive ratings.

Yup, things are getting brighter because the one was elected. When it was once 9%, it immediately rose two whole points after the election, and now three weeks later it rose another whole point!

Whatta job our Congress and Obama is doing to put this country back up on it’s feet.

One interesting change among voters in November is that a growing number believe that members of the legislature are more interested in helping people. Nearly a quarter of voters (23%) now believe they are more interested in helping Americans than furthering their own careers, while 64% still say the opposite. That number was 22% on November 5. Before November, however, that percentage never moved higher than 18% since November 2006.

Now you know just as well as I do that if McCain had won this thing the description of this poll would be a bit different. How a writer tells the story is important. Do they highlight the negative or spin the negative. To me, 23% of the population believing Congress now wants to help people is still a negative. “Growing number” or a majority of people believe Congress is out to save their own skin?

I take the latter.

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