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Gotta love it…. so much comes to light “post-election”, eh?

Turns out the now suspended-WITH-pay adminstrative director in the Ohio Job and Family Services Department, Helen Jones-Kelley, can’t provide precedent to her (un)authorized check of Joe the Plumberthrough her agency’s child-support computer system. Jones is a Democratic appointee who… on a state salary… managed to find a spare $5000 in her state employee budget to contribute to Obama’s campaign, plus used her state e-mail account to help raise campaign funds for President-Elect Barack Obama.

But she wants us, the US public, to believe that her check on Joe was not “politically motivated”…

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services has no records to support the assertion of its now-suspended director that computer checks often are run on people “thrust quickly into the public spotlight.”

In response to a public-records request, the state agency said today that it had no records involving prior checks of the type that Director Helen Jones-Kelley authorized on “Joe the Plumber.”

However, agency spokesman Brian Harter said while there are no records, Ohio’s inspector general has been provided with “several examples of the practice.” He could not provide details.

Inspector General Thomas P. Charles is investigating the legality of inquiries in agency computer systems for personal information on Toledo-area resident Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, who was popularized by Republican John McCain.

read in entirety at link above

Just one rogue Obama supporter? Or more? And will we ever know?

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