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Happy 233rd Marines!

From Blackfive:

There is no greater joy than to serve. If its to serve your family,a beliefe or especially your country, there is no greater joy than to serve. Its not for everybody and its not for profit. Many will never understand what the term “serv” comes with as far as dedication, devotion or sacrifice.

Marines don’t join the Marines to be marginal or to meet the staus quo. Marines join to be the best and the American people will expect nothing less.

Iraq, present day.

Two young Marines are standing guard outside an Iraqi police station. They barely know one another but discuss things during their shift that young Marines discuss. With another dozen Marines conducting training within the police station and another two dozen Iraqi policemen as well, the two young Marines vigilantly stand guard.

As the day progresses and the constant threat of attack is in the area, a large dump truck approaches the police station entry point at high speed. Punching through the initial barriers that are positioned to slow attacking vehicles, the two young Marine take immediate action and begin putting accurate M16 fire into the windshield. One of the Marines initiates 50 cal fire into the cab of the truck tearing it to shreds. As the truck slows and stops, the automatic trigger established within the truck detonates the 12 tons of explosives within its carriage. The 2 Marines never knew what hit them and died as a result of the blast.

Afterwards, the Iraqi Police chief asked the Marines commanding officer, “why didn’t your Marines run? My men ran as they knew of the immediate danger” The commanding officer said, they were on guard and protecting along with your men, a dozen of their brothers within the building. They are Marines, they aren’t going to run. With tears in the police chief’s eyes, he said I don’t understand you Marines. The dedication, devotion or sacrifice…………..”They are Marines, they aren’t going to run”.

To all of my brothers, present and past, there is no greater call than to serve and no greater force to serve with than the nation’s best. If it was easy to join the Marine Corps, we wouldn’t be the Marines.
Semper Fidelis and Happy Birthday brothers. (Nov 10)

Maj Pain
(I smoked a nice Partagas Black cigar during this post. Fitting, only the best for a birthday party)

Semper Fi my brothers and sisters!

Before you click out of this post you have to go check out the memorial for the Marines 233rd at godaddy…well worth the time.

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