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Pres-elect Obama has vowed to continue the war in Iraq until May 2010 or longer if needed. Opposition to that war has been largely from Democrats. Will Democrats support the war in Iraq now?

Democrats opposed the war in Afghanistan (recall that Sen Kennedy “demanded” negotiations w the Taliban, tens of thousands marched in NYC and CA, and govt’s around the world almost fell-particularly in Pakistan, UK, and Egypt). Again, that perishable opposition came largely from the left of the spectrum. Will Democrats support an open-ended escalation to the war in Afghanistan, or will they demand a timetable for withdrawal?

Democrats opposed the pre-emptive, unilateral military action by the United States, but Pres Obama said in his interview w CNN’s Lara Logan that his foreign policy re Pakistan (where Osama Bin Laden is) would be the same as Pres Bush’s. Will Democrats support Pres Obama if he takes unilateral, pre-emptive action in a sovereign country?

Democrats complained that Pres Bush didn’t do enough to stop Iran’s pursuit of nuclear bomb factories. The UN has tried talks. The IAEA has tried talks. NATO has refused. NATO allies have tried and failed, and even Bush has tried direct talks and failed. Sanctions have been tried. No one else’s talks have succeeded, and so there is no reason to believe that Pres Obama can magically talk Iran into compliance and a path toward peace. Will Democrats support President Obama’s military action aganist Iran or accept that Iran has nuclear weapons and openly uses terror groups as proxy attack means?

I did not support Pres-elect Obama in the election, but I agree with his foreign policy (Bush’s foreign policy continued), and I really wonder if Democrats can?

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