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Some misguided folks still wish to blame President Bush for the financial meltdown. Let’s set the record straight. The President cannot tax anyone. He cannot spend a dime of Uncle Sam’s (…our…) money. Only Congress can do that. The Democrats in Congress are responsible for not allowing the regulators to stop the toxic mortgage crisis in Fannie Mae and Freddie Max. The Republicans wanted it…the Democrats blocked it. The Democrats have had a clear majority in both houses of Congress since 2006. They are responsible for setting the fiscal policies in place that now are manifesting themselves. As we head into the Great Depression of the 21st century, keep in mind that no socialist nation has ever become an economic superpower. The Soviets tried it and failed. Even the Communist Chinese have learned that only free market capitalism can bring prosperity and wealth to a nation. When government takes away all of the fruits of your labor, there is no incentive to work. Take a good look around your cities and towns in the next few weeks. Take pictures. Remember what it was like to live in prosperity and freedom…economic freedom. Remember the fruits of capitalism. You will not be seeing them for a while. Many of the stores that you liked to shop in won’t be around in the next few years. The socialists will see to that. The American people elected a Marxist “share the wealth” president and we will soon see the economic results. This government will be a government of the tyrants, by the tyrants and for the tyrants. Obama will be the head tyrant.

Obama promised to increase the taxes on businesses, increase the income taxes of the so-called “wealthy”, the capital gains tax and promised to gut the coal industry while dismantling what remains of our ability to produce and refine oil in this country. It should be no surprise that the Dow is crashing. (Thank you Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and our wonderful leaders in Congress). It should be no surprise that those who have any money in the stock market are getting out while they still have some wealth. Stand by for the great depression. America voted for it. Now we are going to get it.

Our only hope for the is that we as a people learn from our mistakes and return the government to the people….that is, if we have future elections that are fair and unfettered by ballot stuffing (Thank you ACORN). Remember what Ronald Reagan said. He told us that America was great because government got out of the way of the people and allowed the people to live in freedom…to unleash the creative spirit that has so epitomized America. Until we return to those principles, we do not have any hope of returning to the days of prosperity. Freedom and prosperity go hand in hand. You cannot have economic prosperity without economic freedom.

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