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You’ve got to hand it to Joe Biden. Sir Gaffe-a-lot tried to warn us about this guy, Barack Obama. For whatever reason, subconscious guilt, knowledge that he had made a dreadful mistake or whatever, he guaranteed a “generated crisis” for Barack within six months. He hinted heavily at what he had said openly several times before: Obama is not ready and there is something very disquieting about him.

Well, that “Stand Up, Chuck!” realization is spreading like wildfire. [To see the original “Chuck” incident, go here]. Take a look around. A record 10% post-election stock drop did not really match any new information except for Obama’s election. Chris Matthews looked like he was about to soil his trousers, this time out of fear. Newsweek’s brave investigators are suddenly squeamish about not knowing who Barack is or what he wants using the words “creepy” and “deeply manipulative”. (See what they had to say on Charlie Rose). There are several other examples like the Cult of Personality.

Obama chose Rahm Emmanuel for his chief of staff. Here is another corrupt Chicago politician who is known to have operated as a ruthless shark; this gives us a clue that our feelings of misgiving are well-founded. A never-before-seen stand-alone transition team is meeting in sealed secretive silence doing who knows what. There is talk of forced voluntarism, a hint at that Civilian Homeland Military. There’s a sinking feeling rampant. A lot are wondering aloud about what Obama really thinks and what he is really going to do.

Well, why didn’t anybody find out about any of this BEFORE the election beside the marginalized “right-wing crazies” among whom I must be counted by the press’s reckoning? Because the press allowed Obama to amass his huge sums of cash, prime the polls and cover his past with nary a whimper from our ‘watchdogs’, we must now face the consequences.

Thanks, Joe Biden, for at least hinting at all of this before the election. Maybe there still is a Catholic conscience buried somewhere in that whirl of words that swirls around you. In the meantime, we feel the same anxious tension Joe threw out there last month. Will the real Barack Obama please STAND UP?!? and

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