Posted by Scott Malensek on 6 November, 2008 at 6:52 am. 14 comments already!


Yes, it didn’t even take a full day before Democratic Party leaders-fearing that they will be held to account for all their campaign promises and false expectations-have tried to worm their way out of actually doing the things they were elected to do.

Nuh-uh. Not this time. This time there is NO EXCUSE. House, Senate, White House, probably Supreme Court. If you can’t meet those expectations, and you are already saying so the day after the election, then those expectations-those promises-were flat out lies.

But an expanded majority, a Barack Obama administration and the “end of obstruction,” as some Democrats call it, mean they no longer get to blame failures on Bush. One of the thorniest issues will be passing legislation that is paid for without raising taxes, adhering to the party’s pay-as-you-go rules.

This time, you will be held to account.
This time, there are no scapegoats.
This time, you cannot point fingers and make excuses that it’s Bush’s fault (so ends Bush Derangement Syndrome)
This time the people who voted for you will see that you lied.

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