Posted by SAM on 6 November, 2008 at 8:44 am. 7 comments already!

Ok, I thought the man would have at least a week of honeymoon and partying. Guess not. His own supporters are circling like vultures already.

President-elect Barack Obama could be the nation’s first green president — whether he likes it or not. The Greens’ early investment in Obama’s political soul has matured, and they’re already angling for — and even demanding — payback.

Then there’s wannabe green-energy billionaire and Obama supporter Al Gore. Not only did Gore’s climate campaign group place full-page ads in national newspapers on Nov. 5 asking “NOW WHAT?,” in a same-day Wall Street Journal op-ed, Gore argued for carbon-free electricity within 10 years and electrification of the automobile fleet.

Exit polling indicates that Obama triumphed over John McCain because of the economic crisis. Though he wasn’t elected to be the first green president, the Greens are set to call in their chits and, if necessary, to force that mantle on him.

The only thing that this story needs to be more tasty (like the others where Dems are being held to account for their misleading promises and propaganda lies)…is a little salt and pepper.

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