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America has spoken. The Annointed One has been crowned. Old Karl is gleefully spinning in his grave.

While many conservative pundits are already looking forward to 2012, that is likely to be a useless exercise, as unless the world stops spinning on its axis, Barack Obama will be sitting in the Oval Office until 2016. We will simply have to sit back and observe as the Democrats have their way with American legislative procedures, getting their pet initiatives from the Marxist left rammed through the Congress. Oh, I am hearing sighs of relief that the Congress is not filibuster proof, but someone please edify me as to when was the last time any Republican had the backbone to filibuster an issue that the liberal Democratic leaders in Congress wanted to expedite? Filibuster proof? Fat chance.

I am also hearing sighs of relief from the left side of the Supreme Court. Look for a liberal exodus as soon as the One is on the throne.

While, of course, we should congratulate Senator Obama, the Commander-In-Chief-elect, we should not forget the issues, especially character issues that the campaign brought to light. They have not suddenly disappeared. The fact of the matter is that we still do not know who this man is, not a clue. We know who he says he is, and we know that he is the most liberal Senator in the Untied States Congress, but who is he really? I watched his victory speech and not one time did he ever look into the cameras, too busy looking at the right and left teleprompters, mouthing airy words and platitudes exactly as he has done for the past 21 months. Well, the time is rapidly approaching to put up or shut up.

One thing certain is that it will be a very interesting transition and first six months or so of the Obama presidency. Will a Democratic Congress, emboldened by the additional gains in the House and Senate, and a Democratic president, do what they had pledged to do at the mid-term elections and pull the troops out of Iraq? Obviously they will set a timeline. Obviously we will have a new Commanding General. A lot more ‘obviously’s’ on Iraq that I could list.

They have already done the bail-out in which the Republicans showed their true socialist nature, will they now bail out the auto companies and whomever else comes on their knees begging the administration to save them from themselves? Why not, what, me worry? The Democrats absolutely pulled a sleight of hand on that FannieMae/FreddieMac meltdown and by the time the bail-out was a reality, public opinion had turned completely against the Republicans as ‘instigators of the problem.’ This simply shows the gullibility of the electorate, though quite a few of the electorate especially here in Georgia did not fall for the ruse.

I made a comment in an earlier post about the red/blue states following the Mason-Dixon line. In the last Bush victory, the blue states were exactly as there were in 1862 with the exception of Ohio, but the southern states, the red states, were the same states as made up the Confederacy during the War of Northern Aggression. They were the same this time around with the exception of that turncoat Virginia, and of course, that damn Yankee Sunny Southern retreat to the south separated from real ‘southerners’ in Georgia by the Chattahoochee River and the Okfenokee Swamp. Yes, Virginia, there are still red and blue states.

Now, I am going to discuss what appears to be an anomaly in the factor of ‘race’ as pertains to this election. Possibly the MSM will take note after they finish their waltzing in the streets and try to come up with an explanation. Georgia went 53-46 for McCain. In the Atlanta area, Dekalb County is 55% black and 10% Hispanic. Fulton County is 43% black and 8% Hispanic. Clayton County, lately of the “My School Board Are Moron’s” fame, is 68% black and 11% Hispanic. Keep in mind that these percentages are compiled via census of Registered Voters so likely is much higher as non-citizens, non-homeowners, and indigent people are not accounted for by a census. This is just a small example.

USA Today has one of those fancy, clickable maps here, very interesting map.

One can click on and , since they have to option, can filter results by race. If one clicks the filter, it shows where the vast population of blacks live in this country. It is surprising to see that they are almost completely contained within the southeast: Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and the Washington DC area. Therefore, I see it as completely ironic that these states are consistently and lopsidedly Republican states. It was surprising to note that the black vote was not enough to carry these states and thus actually was not even a factor in Obama winning the election except perhaps in the popular vote. It was also laughably idiotic how the MSM kept saying that race did not play a part in the election due to the very low percentage of voters who said race played no part when practically every black in the South and Washington DC (92-8)voted for Obama and almost all southern whites voted for McCain, sic, but obviously that’s just a coincidence. It is not a problem that blacks are here, it is the problem that blacks in the south have adopted this grossly ignorant ‘culture’ that further separates them from normal society. It seems that the majority of them have no desire to become as educated and eloquent as Obama . Hell, I wish I had his education and eloquence! I am willing to wager that it won’t be long before southern blacks have ‘buyers remorse’ and begin to label Obama as an ‘Uncle Tom’ because of his ‘white man’s education’: “Dat Obama, he ain’t one uv us!”

The above is entirely my opinion. Time will tell.

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