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Congratulations to Barack Obama, our first pure socialist President.

At least we at FA are going to have a TON to write about over the next four years.

One thing I find humorous is this kind of sentiment coming from Oprah:

I haven’t seen this sense of unity since 9/11, really, really, and 9/11 was this tragic experience that brought us all together and now we’re all brought together in the name of hope. Not since 9/11 have I experienced anything even kind of close to this.


Oh yeah, lots of unity is forthcoming for this man, the most inexperienced man to ever hold the office and who’s complete life has been an exposé of socialism. Come on.

Much of the blame can be laid at the feet of the man the Republican party voted to represent them as Ace put oh so succinctly:

There is no “McCainism” as there was a “Bushism” or “Reaganism.” Those men offered fairly clear visions (well, Reagan particularly so). Not McCain. Everything with him is just his personal gut, principle-free, just an instinct, an impulse, which often takes him in wildly contradictory places (but he’s always haughty about the moral superiority of his decisions).

For example, he’s pro-drilling… but not in ANWR. Um, why? He’s forever undercutting himself with unexplained hedges and caveats.

He’s pro-business… Kinda. Except when he’s making his distaste for anyone working in the private sector “for profit not patriotism” so glaringly evident.

He wants to lower taxes. Sorta. Sometimes. Maybe. In election years.

We must regard Obama as suspect because of his association with the terrorist Bill Ayers… but it’s racist to mention his membership in Jeremiah Wright’s Church of Hate.

This leads to a paralysis among his campaign staff. Everyone knew, pretty much, the Idea of Reagan. They could act independently with confidence that they were advancing Reagan’s goals.

No one could do that with McCain.


He always had a tough battle, but in the end he had no plan for battle, only the unwavering belief that he alone was equipped to lead the war.

There was no idea of McCain beyond McCain himself.

And ultimately, he lost. No man is greater than an idea.

Jonah Goldberg recognizes that the left has succeeded in a long dreamed of mission:

The American left since the turn of the century has seen their mission as the Europeanization of America. The amazing thing about American politics is that we always greet these efforts as some sort of fresh project. I often think things would be so much easier — for both sides — if liberals would simply admit what they’re up to and conservatives would remember that liberals aren’t up to anything new.

Anyways, as the title of this post makes clear. Obama peaks tonight….he has no where else to go but down….so enjoy it Barack.

Thankfully!….thankfully he does not have a filibuster proof Congress.

(Can you tell I’m a bit upset that our country elected a complete and utter socialist as President? At least we got Sarah Palin out of it….one shiny bit of good news)

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