Posted by Wordsmith on 4 November, 2008 at 9:22 pm. 111 comments already!

Congratulations to the President Elect, Senator Barack Obama. He may be the most undeserving, least vetted, least experienced presidential candidate in American history…but what should stand out is the historic moment of the United States breaking the ultimate glass ceiling, to elect the first black (biracial) American to the highest office. As much as I have deplored the crutch of racial fixation, the fact that we witnessed it happen, is something to be proud of, turning a page in our history. If there is anything positive to result from this election, it’s the potential for the country to finally move beyond race. It is, at least symbolic, if nothing else. Racism will always exist. But no one can ever again accuse America of “holding the black man down”.

John McCain gave a very gracious, a very necessary concession speech tonight. I am proud of what he said. I don’t blame him nor President Bush for losing us this election. Frankly, I believe John McCain of all our Republican candidates had the best shot at winning. The fact we lost says more about the excitement and energy that surrounded Senator Obama than the unworthiness of Senator McCain. We can whine about the media, we can complain about the lost opportunities and poor strategy of the McCain campaign, the unprecedented amount of campaign money that weighed against us…but at some point you just have to stop whining like Democrats of the last 8 years. Eat your crow, and take the lumps. It’s not the end of the world. My country may seem unrecognizable to me tonight; but the sun will come out tomorrow…someday. We still remain the greatest nation on God’s green earth. Sarah Palin’s political career is just beginning. We’ve not seen the last of her. Or Tina Fey.

I only speak for myself; but can only encourage those reading this to do as John McCain has done; do as Scott suggests; do as decent Americans do and put country first: Respect the electoral process and congratulate your political opponents on their hard-earned victory. I know our passions ran deep, and this election hurt deep. But it’s not the death of conservative ideology or the Republican Party. It wasn’t a landslide victory, and Senator McCain finished respectably. Nor did the Democrats gain their filibuster-proof majority seats.

At some point, as liberating as it is from mainstream news, the blogosphere can be a very toxic place. For all the fear we foresee in an Obama Presidency, my one hope is that we are proven wrong. That some of what we “investigated” into his past history, however legitimate, will not reflect upon his need to govern to the center and serve ALL the people of the United States. Not just blacks. Not just liberals. But serve all Americans.

Senator Obama has given lip service to promises of unity, bipartisanship, of reaching out. Let’s give him the chance to prove it, then hold him accountable to his words. Let’s not do to him what liberal Democrats have done to President Bush for 8 years.

Of course I will still fight tooth and nail against the liberal agenda and policies I feel would steer America in the wrong direction. He may be influenced by socialist ideology, but America is not a socialist nation. But tonight, this night…..we should all be proud as Americans that once every two, four years, we have the freedom to choose our elected leaders. We should feel grateful that we have a voice; and that each of our votes counts. That we are able to transition leadership, peaceably. We remain an example of representative democracy to the rest of the world.

In America, anything is possible. A man with the unlikely name of “Barack Hussein Obama” just proved it. It is sad that Barack Obama’s grandmother did not live long enough to see this day….

…and a happy climax for Chris Matthews and his “leg thrill”.

God bless America.