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Go McCain!

UPDATE by Curt @1740hrs PST

FOX NEWS PROJECTS: Obama Wins Pennsylvania, McCain Wins Alabama

It’s pretty much over then folks…..we have a socialist as President.


UPDATE by Curt @1700hrs PST

Fox projects that John McCain has carried South Carolina’s 8 Electoral Votes. Senator Lindsey Graham has been reelected, a Republican hold.

FOX NEWS PROJECTS: McCain Wins South Carolina


UPDATE by Curt @1630hrs PST

FOX NEWS PROJECTS: McCain Wins West Virginia

Fox has projected John McCain as the winner of Kentucky’s 8 Electoral Votes.

Fox has projected that Obama has won the District of Columbia’s 3 Electoral Votes.

Barack Obama claimed Vermont’s 3 Electoral Votes. Again, as with all the very early calls, this one wasn’t really a contest.


UPDATE by Curt @1605hrs PST

Hot Air:

Mid-day exit polling will skew heavily to the Democrats. We saw that in 2004, when everyone panicked after they showed Kerry winning by wide margins. ABC reports that the black vote only slightly increased from 2004 and will only be 13% of the total vote — lower than most people predicted. Most of the predictions hit around 16%. That may be a huge problem for Obama, if the final numbers bear that out. In 2004, it was 11% of the vote, and went 88% to Kerry.


UPDATE by Curt @1550hrs PST

Drudge…..remember, exit polls don’t mean.



UPDATE by Curt @1535hrs PST

Mark Steyn:

Jonah, there’s no such thing as exit poll data “for real”. As I said right here at 5.22pm Eastern time on Election Day 2004, “the key word in the phrase ‘exit poll’ is ‘poll’: that’s all it is.” So before we all get as high on the exit poll crack as the Obama party will be on John the goat’s testicles, remember the Corner on Election Day 2002:

“Big turnout in New Hampshire—not a good sign… Early down arrows for Dole… Talent losing in MO… Townsend (arrgh!) looking good in MD…”

And that’s just Rich.

The GOP swept NH, Dole won NC, Talent won MO, and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend lost MD for the Dems.

Polls are open. People are voting. Pundits at a loose end should find a goat to sacrifice and read his entrails. It’ll be as accurate.


UPDATE by Curt @1500hrs PST


I’m a student at Carleton College who has contributed (financially and with my time) to the Obama campaign. I just got an automated call from Jeff Blodgett, the chair of the MN campaign. The text of the call was:

“Hello, this is Jeff Blodgett from the Minnesota for Obama campaign. Our initial data shows this election is significantly closer than the polls predicted. We are putting out an urgent call for volunteers… We are organized groups to knock on doors at five P.M., or earlier if you can, for our final GOTV operation.” This was followed by different numbers to call based on your residence.

Don’t worry bout the exit polls….remember 2004

Jim Geraghty:

I continue to hear relentlessly positive takes from folks on the ground in Ohio.

George Bush carried Darke County, Ohio, 18,306 to 7,486 with 70 percent turnout. I’m hearing some predictions that turnout there could reach 80 percent this year.

Bush carried Warren County 68,037 votes to 26,044 with 76 percent turnout. I’m hearing that turnout is expected to be higher there, too.

The sense among some GOP folks on the ground is that the turnout in heavily African-American precincts in some of Ohio’s cities has been light today, as of midafternoon, because of so many partaking of early voting. They see that as a reasonably good sign, that the Obama get-out-the-vote operation has hit its limit. These sources have been telling me for a few weeks now that they think McCain will overperform Bush’s 2004 performance and that the Republican candidate’s margin of victory will be greater than the two percent four years ago.


UPDATE by MataHarley @1435hrs PST

First Fox Exit Poll data… if you believe exit polling…

New Voters (10% of those exit polled)IN: Obama 73%, McCain 27%
OH: Obama 69%, McCain 31%
VA: Obama 63%, McCain 36%

White Males (36% of those exit polled)
IN: Obama 44%, McCain 54%
OH: Obama 47%, McCain 51%
VA: Obama 39%, McCain 58%

Late Deciders
IN: Obama 52%, McCain 45%
OH: Obama 54%, McCain 39%
VA: Obama 44%, McCain 55%

Misc: 56% of exit pollees opposed the bailout


UPDATE by MataHarley @1415hrs PST

Breaking news on Fox a minute ago about the military absentee ballots lawsuit Judge has ruled these ballots must be held “preserved” (neither counted or rejected) until he can hear the case on Nov 10th. Depending on how close the VA election is, and how many military ballots were mailed late to the soldiers, this could hold up a decision on the election.


UPDATE by Curt @ 1230hrs PST

Via Amanda Carpenter:

Ron Jones of Philadelphia told CNN’s Brian Todd he was so inspired to vote he voted more than once.

“It’s time for change, man,” Jones said. He complained about the long lines and said that “I decided to come back and vote a couple times.”

Sure, Jones might have meant he came back TO vote a few times, but wouldn’t it be good for the reporter to ask for clarification? Todd didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he didn’t even blink.

“I think that’s against the law, but it’s okay, all right. Well, thanks, Ron,” Todd said. Then, the camera conveniently cut away.

UPDATE by Curt @ 1110hrs PST

Black Panthers intimidating voters in Philly:


“Just after 12:00 noon, Fox News reported that two black panthers were at one location in Philadelphia “guarding” the doorway to a polling station. One carried a nightstick and confronted a citizen who had gone in to the polling place. That citizen called police (he was interviewed by the Philly correspondent for Fox). The citizen reported that police removed the black panther with the night stick, but the other, who lives in the area, remains near the door.”

CNN not doing their job….shocker!

A man called in to CNN’s Helpline on Tuesday wondering why the network hasn’t reported the Black Panthers who were seen standing in front of a Philadelphia polling station this morning, one of them carrying a billy club.

According to the caller (audio available here), he was going to vote for Obama until a friend told him about this incident. The caller said, “Now Fox has broadcast this, and I want to know why CNN has not broadcast this yet.”

The “Honest and Open Election Hotline ” has been launched by the McCain campaign to help voters find their polling place and report fraud, and intimidation.

The phone hotline can be reached at 866-976-VOTE.

Double voting reported to the hotline:

UPDATE by Curt @ 0815hrs PST

ACORN’s registration of convicted felonsfrom prison:

Tomorrow may set a record for voter turnout in Minnesota, but the Fox 9 Investigators discovered one group registered to vote, who shouldn’t be voting at all. They’re convicted felons, and in some cases they’re registering to vote from prison. How is that possible? Reporter Tom Lyden searched hundreds of thousands of data records to find the answers.

UPDATE by Curt @ 0740hrs PST

And here we go with the fraud. Some Georgians Suspected Of Voting Twice

“This is extraordinarily disturbing,” said Secretary of State Karen Handel.


A team of investigative journalists from WSB-TV in Atlanta, WFTV in Orlando and WFTS in Tampa and WCPO in Cincinnati compared Georgia’s voter rolls with those in Florida and Ohio and found more than 100,000 people who appear to be registered to vote in more than one state, with no government oversight to catch it.

Video is here.

And some voter intimidation:

And the MSM still hasn’t learned.

UPDATE by Curt @ 0730hrs PST

Some of the final polls (h/t Race 4 2008)

SurveyUSA Pennsylvania General Election

  • Barack Obama 52% (53%)
  • John McCain 43% (41%)

SurveyUSA Florida General Election

  • Barack Obama 50% (47%)
  • John McCain 47% (49%)

Reuters/Zogby Battleground Surveys


  • Barack Obama 51.7% (50.7%)
  • John McCain 45.3% (44.6%)
  • Other/Not sure 3.0% (4.7%)


  • Barack Obama 49.4% (50.2%)
  • John McCain 47.4% (43.9%)
  • Other/Not sure 3.2% (5.9%)


  • Barack Obama 53.2% (50.7%)
  • John McCain 42.4% (42.9%)
  • Other/Not sure 4.4% (6.4%)


  • John McCain 48.8% (45.7%)
  • Barack Obama 48.8% (47.4%)
  • Other/Not sure 2.4% (6.9%)

North Carolina

  • John McCain 49.5% (49.3%)
  • Barack Obama 49.1% (47.7%)
  • Other/Not sure 0.4% (3.1%)


  • Barack Obama 49.2% (47.5%)
  • John McCain 48.0% (46.2%)
  • Other/Not sure 2.8% (6.4%)


  • John McCain 50.4% (49.1%)
  • Barack Obama 45.1% (43.9%)
  • Other/Not sure 4.5% (7.0%)


  • Barack Obama 51.2% (53.7%)
  • John McCain 41.4% (40.0%)
  • Other/Not sure 7.4% (6.3%)

Final Rasmussen Daily General Election Tracking (11/4)

  • Barack Obama 52%
  • John McCain 46%

Favorable / Unfavorable (Net)

  • Barack Obama 56% / 43% (+13%)
  • John McCain 55% / 44% (+11%)
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