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UPDATED: Since I have a personal inside track to the Obama Tampa rally w/Jimmy Buffett, Obama turned out to be a no-show at his own rally. Ya know… can’t find one news blip on the radar on his MIA status… But I’m sure the parrot heads had a great time! Wonder how Jimmy Buffett feels about his guy adding this concert date to the Coral Reefer schedule, then not bothering to attend.


In keeping with the Obama campaign strategy that large throngs of attendees keeps the media gushing about “that one’s” popularity, his Tampa rally added a last minute concert by *the* original parrot head, Jimmy Buffett. Excerpt from the Buffett News fan site

ABC Action has learned Barack Obama is planning a last minute visit to Tampa, days before the Presidential election. Obama is expected to appear with superstar musician Jimmy Buffett.

It is another sign of Tampa Bay’s importance to the Presidential race. Obama’s scheduled visit comes just two days before election day.

A Tampa spokeswoman for the Obama campaign said she has not been informed of the visit. However, according to an email obtained by, employees at the Ford Amphitheatre have been told to prepare for the visit this coming Sunday, November 2nd.

From the original e-mail: “Hello every one I just wanted to give you a heads up there has been a new event added to the schedule at the Ampitheater, It will be on November 2nd It is the Barack Obama rally with Jimmy Buffett performing not sure of all the details just yet. But we wanted to get an e-mail out to start recruiting employees, Their are over 15,000 tickets reserved and expecting another 5,000- 7,000.”

Buffett just finished his last dates in Vegas Oct 25th for his “The Year of Still Here” tour, no doubt headed back to his Florida abode before one final gig scheduled in Connecticut Nov 8th.

Live Daily labels this a “free” concert”. As I was raised in Florida, and most immediate family relatives still live there, I can tell you nothing will stop Floridians from heading to see their favorite son, Jimmy. So the bonus of being “free” to the attendees is just icing on the cake.

But that “free” part is limited in it’s meaning. I doubt that Buffett’s donating his time, along with the Coral Reefers, PLUS the roadies & tech staff … not mention the plethora of sound and lighting equipment… for “free” during his tour. Sure would be interesting to see a breakdown of the Obama campaign expenses as to how much of the faithful’s donated funds were paid to musicians along the campaign trail in order to perpetuate the visual of a devoted “adoring fan base” in media reports.

Even more interesting… will the media even notice that a major headliner performed “free” for the rally attendees in their breathless reports of the SRO Obama campaign event?

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