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If a missile impacts in the mountains, and six Al Queda are killed, but no one hears about it…does it matter? I say yes. Absolutely! This is yet another example of how unknown men and women in God-forsaken places are protecting each of us from suicidal death cultists. They do so without recognition or glory. I thank them for their service, support them, and support their efforts. So should we all.

US unmanned Predator aircraft struck inside Pakistan’s tribal areas for the second time today. After targeting a mid-level al Qaeda operative in North Waziristan, US Predators attacked a compound in Wana, South Waziristan.

Six “foreigners” — a term used to describe Arabs or other non-Pakistani al Qaeda members — and a “tribesman” are reported to have been killed in the strike. The compound is said to be owned by Faz-e-Haq.

Tahir Yuldalshev, the commander of a Uzbek terror group and Mullah Nazir were the target of the attack. A US intelligence source said that Nazir was wounded in the strike, “possibly seriously.”

Nazir is a rival to Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud. He ejected Uzbeks from the al Qaeda-allied Islamic Jihad Union from the Wana region in 2007. This action caused the media to describe Nazir as “pro-government Taliban.” But Nazir is allied with the Uzbeks of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.


(suggestion/request for FA readers, could someone PLEASE notify the NYT, LAT, NBC, ABC, CBS, and other fake news outlets that this is happening? Maybe if enough of us do so it’ll be reported?)

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