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Barack Obama throws the ceremonial first pitch before the Chicago White Sox met the Los Angeles Angels in Game 2 of the American League Championship Series in Chicago October 12, 2005.
REUTERS/John Gress

Costing over $3 million dollars, the disinfomercial is to be shown on NBC, CBS, Fox, Univision, MSNBC and BET and TV One (the last two cater to black Americans).

From the New York Times:

The trailer is heavy in strings, flags, presidential imagery and some Americana filmed by Davis Guggenheim, whose father was the campaign documentarian of Robert F. Kennedy. As the screen flashes scenes of suburban lawns, a freight train and Mr. Obama seated at a kitchen table with a group of white, apparently working-class voters, Mr. Obama says: “We’ve seen over the last eight years how decisions by a president can have a profound effect on the course of history and on American lives; much that’s wrong with our country goes back even farther than that.

Does Senator Obama ever talk about what’s right with this country?

Isn’t the World Series on tonight? American baseball?

For its part, Mr. Obama’s campaign said it was not worried about turning off viewers.

“Many people have 150 channels; they’ve got plenty of other choices,” Mr. Margolis said. “Or they can drop into a video game.” Then again, Mr. Obama is advertising in video games, too.

Barack Obama and his family play a game at the Iowa State Fair during a campaign stop in Des Moines, Iowa, August 16, 2007.
REUTERS/Joshua Lott

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