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This afternoon I had the distinct pleasure to talk with Lynn Forrester de Rothschild. A self made media mogul whom the New Yorker described endearingly as “practically, like a philosopher”.

It was a small, personal setting with Lynn speaking to 15 remarkable women in the elegant sitting room of Kathy Summerall.

Lynn described herself as a centrist democrat, one who stays away from the corrupting influence of partisan politics and puts the welfare of the nation ahead of politics. I quite agree with this stance.

She expressed her great admiration of Sarah Palin, describing her as an incredibly intelligent woman and accomplished politician. Everyone who has spent any time with Sarah admits the same. I suspect even Couric has the same opinion, although she would NEVER admit it!

To recap the coffee talk with Lady Lynne:

Her first choice for president was Hilary, McCain and then….

Obama is left, of well, the left.

His economic disaster plan is really a massive transfer in wealth, not a sound economic plan. Using clever wordsmithing, Obama has fooled people into believing a tax rebate program is a tax cut.

What is not known about Obama is scary; his connection to Ayers, ACORN, and Rev. Wright have never been thas closely scrutinzed by the media as Sarah Palin’s wardrobe. Would you marry someone without an idea of their character or history? Why vote for someone without exploring their past to elucidate who they are today?

The evidence does not support her belief in the US being the largest greenhouse gas offender. As much as I admire Lynn, we part ways on this issue.

Lynn sent a thank you note to Campbell Brown after the interview posted below, and included a t-shirt emblazoned with the word ‘bitter’. She yet to recieve word if Cambell has worn the shirt.

Campbell Brown on her soapbox while interviewing Lady Lynn:

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