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Regular readers of Flopping Aces and The Long War Journal might have noticed a few weeks ago that there were reports of the Pakistani military (under new management) preparing to push hard into the Bajaur area where Taliban and Al Queda are strongly present. That offensive IS taking place, and it IS having a massive effect.

Unconfirmed reports from Pakistan indicate the Taliban spokesman Mullah Omar was killed in an airstrike in the Bajaur tribal agency. The report comes as Pakistan claims a major victory in region that has exchanged hands several times.

General Tariq Khan, the Inspector General of the Frontier Corps, claimed more than 1,500 Taliban and foreign fighters have been killed in Bajaur since the operation began in early August. Another 950 “militants,” including more than 300 are Uzbek, Tajik, Nuristani, Afghani and Hazara, have been captured. Tariq also claimed Afghan “officials” were captured during the operation, Geo TV reported.

Pakistani casualties have been light, according to Tariq. Only 42 paramilitary troops have been killed and 174 wounded, according to the general. The Taliban have disputed these numbers in the past and claimed to have killed hundreds of Pakistani troops while taking far fewer casualties.


still no reporting on this in the old media

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