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There is a nine thousand ton gorilla in the room, and nobody appears to be noticing him. I mean, he is the largest gorilla in the room. In fact, he is the ONLY gorilla in the room. Yet I haven’t heard a word about him, nor have I heard any peep from him. It’s as if he is holding his breath in the hopes that nobody sees him standing over there with his big gorilla feet sticking out from underneath the drapes, and the drapes breathing in and out every time he takes a breath. Yes, there is a nine thousand ton gorilla in the room. And that gorilla is the UN.

What has not been mentioned this election cycle are all the UN treaties that are currently before the Senate waiting to be voted on and submitted to the President for signing. Because Bush had already sworn to veto them in their current form, they have simply waited in the wings, languishing until such time as a democrat would be elected President, somebody like Obama, who has already helped sponsor the “Global Poverty Act”, which would implement many of the UN’s Millenium Development Goals, not the least of which is earmarking .7% of our GDP to the UN for disbursement around the world. As one would well imagine, if this treaty is passed, the UN would have a sizable revenue stream to draw from to further implement its own goals, all at taxpayer expense. Modest estimates have the Global Poverty Act costing a whopping 850 billion dollars over ten years. As is the case with most government programs, we should expect it to be much, much more. After all, since when have you ever heard of a government program that actually cost less than originally promised?

Another of treaties waiting in the wings is the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) which would give the UN total sovereignty over the oceans and the power to regulate the shipping, fishing, and off-shore oil industries through the sale of commercial licenses. Any activity deemed unfit would simply be refused a license, and anyone not willing to pay the piper will be shut out of the game, thus ensuring another potentially large revenue stream for the UN. Just imagine the amount of bribes and kickbacks flowing into the UN’s shady associates, NGOs, and off-shore accounts. Yet in addition to providing the money changers at the UN with more loot for their coffers, the treaty also gives them enormous political leverage since three quarters of the earth’s surface would fall under its domain. Indeed, all the navies, all the merchant vessels, all the fishing boats, all the oil rigs would be under the sovereignty of the UN, since the oceans, seas, lakes and even intercoastal waterways and marshes would be under its provenance.

However, as bad as these two are, perhaps the most vile, pernicious treaty of them all is the Kyoto Treaty followed by the Bali Accord. These economy killers are rigged to give the third world (read China and India) a pass on their contribution to “climate change” while restricting the use of energy in the industrial world through heavy taxation and “cap and trade”. Even as the economies of the western world are reeling from the collapse of the financial markets, the energy that would fuel our recovery would be drastically curtailed in order to reduce our carbon emissions. With energy prices skyrocketing, the economies will sink into a deeper and deeper depression, even while more and more money is siphoned off to the UN and the global warming hucksters (see Al Gore) who have positioned themselves to profit from the “green” windfall.

In short, should Obama be elected, the Senate will pass all three UN treaties and Obama will sign them, with more to come to be sure, such as placing US troops under UN control for use around the world as peace keepers, while at the same time positioning UN troops on US soil to quell domestic unrest as the toll of the heavy taxes and high prices on the populace becomes unbearable, and people begin to reach the breaking point, with riots and civil unrest, looting and violence spilling out onto the streets and into the neighborhoods as the country grows increasingly dark, starving from lack of power or energy to light and to heat our homes, to drive our cars, and to do our jobs, with mass hysteria erupting and our country plunging into chaos. Or we could just vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin and forego the nightmarish scenario entirely, and maybe even kick the nine thousand ton gorilla out of the room for good.

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