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Who are these people? You don’t know? Let me try to explain.

Franklin Raines is the CEO who, along with Jim Johnson, made tens of millions from Fannie Mae, and then was used by the Obama campaign (Johnson to pick the Vice Presidential Candidate). Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, as you know, was given totally free rein to give massive amounts of bad loans. They, in turn, infected the entire sub-prime market, which in turn has helped tank the whole financial system. McCain and others tried to stop them. Obama, Frank and Dodd supported their dangerous schemes. Fannie Mae gave massive contributions to Obama, number two amount of money all time, next to Senator Dodd (head of the relevant committee), although Obama had only been a Senator for two years.

Ayres, besides being an unrepentant bombing killer, is actually very influential in the ultra liberal education elites. He believes capitalism should be destroyed, just like ACORN, the Annenberg grant in Chicago, and the Woods Foundation, on all of which he worked with Obama. Ayres gave Obama $50 million as his Annenberg chairman to fund their far-left education programs. How could Obama ‘forget’ they worked together? Why did he lie about how he launched his campaign in Ayres’ home, saying the previous Rep. had arranged it, when she hadn’t?

Tony Rezko is a shady far-left money man who has worked closely with Mayor Daley, the Governor of Illinois and Obama moving HUGE amounts of money, even to terrorist sympathizers. He is under indictment and is about to sing for a deal, although it’s not clear who he’s going to sing about. He ‘helped’ Obama with his real estate, as well.

I think you all know Wright, but the media doesn’t point out he’s a Marxist. No after life, Jesus is a black revolutionary, ‘unconventional’ morality.

And Marx? No one can doubt that moldy fellow played a large part in Obama’s young political formation. If you look closely at the ideas and even the language used by Obama, you can see the effect is not negligible. You probably haven’t heard any of this because most of the media is in the tank, a few because they do know his past and want to hide it, many because they love the idea of our electing the first black President. Hey, I love the idea, too. I just don’t like the idea of putting a shady Chicago politician in charge with Pelosi, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, and a dominant liberal Congress. If you are pro-life, especially, the idea should chill your soul. He voted against bans on born-alive and partial-birth abortions. Even ‘pro-choice’ people of conscience should be given pause at how radical that is.

The economic ramifications are also horrific. The ‘middle-class tax cuts’ he always talks about neglects to mention the ending of the Bush tax cuts = net loss for us. The 95% figure neglects to say only 60% PAY taxes. Today he told a plumber he wants to “spread the wealth around”. Economic re-distributionism. Socialism. Wherever Communism or socialism has been tried, it’s been a disaster.

At the very least, these consistently far-left associations show HORRIBLE judgment, if nothing else.


There have been MASSIVE amounts of false registrations in 13 battleground states across the country on OBAMA’s behalf. They also specialize in intimidation of banks into giving bad loans. The Obama campaign tried to sneak $800,000 to Acorn through third parties. We should remember Marxism sanctions lying and skullduggery such as this. “The ends justify the means.” Right at this moment, hearings in Ohio are trying to make sense of it all there.


Americans think they’re getting a great ‘treat’ with Obama. If we actually look at what we are being handed? Maybe it’s time to take stock – or not!

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