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Kevin Ferris continues recounting his experience in Iraq in the latest edition of Back Channels:

How To Stop Creating Extremists

This is one focus of the surge ignored by the MSM and anti-war groups bent on losing Iraq.

Detainees were mixed together, whether jihadis caught red-handed, someone who agreed to guard al-Qaeda weapons for money, or innocents caught up in security sweeps. In the camps, the extremists took over. They would recruit, indoctrinate and train others for their cause, punishing those who didn’t cooperate.

Under Stone’s leadership, camps began separating al-Qaeda from those deemed lesser risks. The evaluations are conducted by coalition staff, as well as local imams, teachers and counselors. Reading, vocational and religion programs were begun to help detainees safely reintegrate into society.

At Camp Cropper, the results of two of their programs are on display: the “Cropper Camel,” a homemade stuffed animal often presented by graduates of the sewing class to family members during camp visits, as well as paintings by detainees who have joined the art program.

All detainees are invited to join the classes, though al-Qaeda members refuse, officers at Cropper say.

Stone said he found that once some detainees could read the Quran for themselves and discuss it with moderate imams, they learn how Islam is being distorted by the extremists.

“Then they start to say, ‘I’ve been lied to,’ ” Stone said, “and now they want to get out and get back to their family.”

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