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Barack Obama’s pals:

Let every vote count, is the Democratic Party’s mantra these days. That slogan might better be: Let every vote count as often as we need to win.

Such, at any rate, are the tactics of ACORN, Barack Obama’s favorite “community organizers,” and its Project Vote – of which, the Democratic presidential candidate has boasted, “I started working as the director . . . here in Chicago.”

ACORN has been implicated in voter-fraud schemes in 15 states – including Ohio, from where The Post’s Jeane MacIntosh reports today that a Board of Elections investigation has unearthed evidence of widespread voter fraud.

Two voters told MacIntosh they had been dragooned by ACORN activists into registering several times – one reporting having signed up “10 to 15” times.

ACORN canvassers “would ask me if I was registered,” he said. “I’d say yes and they’d ask me to do it again.”

Meanwhile IBD asks how much Obama knows about ACORN and its illegal shenanigans:

A radical group Barack Obama used to work for is committing voter-registration fraud in several states, ahead of the election. What does Obama know about this scam?

It’s a legitimate question to raise now that the FBI has raided the offices of the nonprofit Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now in Nevada and North Carolina, two states where Obama and John McCain are running neck-and-neck. ACORN has registered bogus voters in both states.

The group’s voter-registration fraud is rampant, and authorities plan a nationwide sweep of ACORN offices to collect records.


In North Carolina, where Obama has been running nonstop ads, ACORN has registered a record number of new voters, many of them suspicious. Statewide, Democrats are doing better than the GOP in new converts — even in traditionally Republican counties.

There have been 218,749 newly registered Democrats in North Carolina since January — more than five times the 38,337 new Republicans, state records show.

The numbers show a startlingly close political battle even in Republican-dominated Union County, with 4,233 new voters registering as Democrats and 4,362 as Republicans. In previous election years, new Republicans have outnumbered Democrats 2-to-1 in the fast-growing Charlotte-area county.

In Missouri, one ACORN registrant named Monica Rays showed up on no less than eight forms, all bearing the same signature.

Suspicious election officials sent letters to some 5,000 ACORN registrants in St. Louis, asking the letter recipients to contact them.

Fewer than 40 reponded.

The editorial then notes that ACORN has endorsed him for President, and that Obama has paid the group 800 grand to register new voters. The kicker is that the 800 grand donation was never accurately reported by the Obama camp, instead they were disguised as payments to a ACORN front group called the Citizens Services Inc. and that the payments were for “advance work.”

Something more to think about:

…Obama worked as executive director of ACORN’s voter-registration arm, Project Vote, in 1992. Joined by two other community organizers on Chicago’s South Side, Obama conducted the voter-registration drive that helped elect Carol Moseley-Braun to the Senate that year.

The next year, 1993, Obama joined the civil-rights law firm Davis Miner Barnhill & Galland, where he sued the state of Illinois on behalf of ACORN to implement the federal “Motor Voter” law, which the GOP governor at the time refused to do. Then-Gov. Jim Edgar argued, presciently, that the Clinton law would invite voter fraud.

So do you think he knows what’s going on?

Do you think he knows about the million dollar embezzlement case against ACORN executives, especially when its Michelle Obama’s old law firm representing the crooks?

Does he know about these shananigans as reported on by Michelle Malkin:

  • Missouri – Officials now have to sift through hundreds of bogus applications submitted last August.
  • Connecticut – A criminal investigation has been opened into ACORN fraud.
  • Wisconsin – Registering convicted felons.
  • Ohio – ACORN tells Cuyahoga County’s election board that they can’t stop themselves from committing fraud.
  • Indiana – Over a thousand new applications from ACORN appear to investigators to be fraudulent, and that should be no surprise, since Indianapolis now has 105% of its population registered to vote.

We shouldn’t be surprised about this. Obama has a long history of strong arm tactics and shenanigans. But the MSM is in full court defense mode by spinning these illegal vote stories as Republicans wanting to silence the Democrat voters. Doesn’t matter that there are fictional people registered to vote. Doesn’t matter if there are real people registered to vote a dozen times over….no, its the Republicans fault.



Tonight we talked to someone who works in the federal courts here in Chicago.

The buzz in those corridors is that federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has been leading a team of FBI investigators in 10 states working on a RICO case.

Today, it was announced that ACORN is being investigated in 10 states.

That’s one Hell of a coincidence.

We asked why Fitzgerald would be involved in this, because he’s the prosecutor on the Tony Rezko case and we aren’t aware of ACORN being investigated in Illinois.

We were told that ACORN was investigated in Illinois years ago, and it was a Fitzgerald case then. This means ACORN’s activities today, involving a conspiracy to commit multi-state voter fraud on SoetorObama’s behalf, are an extension of that previous ACORN case.

Our source in federal courts said, “Any crime that involves more than two people and is carried out across state lines qualifies as a corrupt organization. The fact that those “Goodwill” donations were made in Texas and received at Obama headquarters in Chicago or Washington means it qualifies for RICO.”

The “Goodwill donations” referred to above are the $228 million in undocumented, unverified campaign contributions the SoetorObama camp has received — which the McCain campaigned filed a complaint to the FEC on this past Monday.

We’ve also heard that the Clinton campaign filed complaints to the FBI and other federal agencies over SoetorObama’s fraud in the Iowa, Texas and other caucuses: voter intimidation, registration fraud, and other illegal activities.

The last thing we were told tonight in regards to all of this was that “the meme here is a tying together of all these various threads. That’s what you will see in the last weeks of the campaign: all things being tied together”.

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