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An important new report (PDF) has been released by Second Amendment lawyer Dave Hardy of Of Arms and the Law. He found that while Obama was serving on the Joyce Foundation’s Board of Directors, Joyce had a specific agenda. To control published research on the 2nd Amendment so that sooner or later the Supreme Court would be influenced by the overwhelming amount of research favoring the gun control dummies.

In 1998-2001, while Barack Obama sat on the board1 of the $750,000,000 Joyce Foundation, the Foundation formed a plan to use millions to influence the outcome of a future Second Amendment Supreme Court case. The plan involved using its assets to buy up legal and historical academia, and even universities and their foundations.

Joyce Foundation realized a future Second Amendment Supreme Court case was probable; the Court would consult legal scholarship, i.e. books and law reviews; that scholarship had overwhelming concluded that the Second Amendment reflected an individual right, a result Joyce Foundation did not want.

The solution was simple: Joyce would lavish money on cash-starved law reviews and Universities, provided that they published only results acceptable to Joyce. In some cases, Joyce pressured the institutions to reject articles, and even to cancel academic presentations, that were contrary to its desires. Joyce also poured millions into creating shell organizations to support its views.

What we see today in the briefs in District of Columbia v. Heller, the DC gun case, is largely the product of that plan. Several amici who filed briefs are entirely the creation of Joyce’s money, and their briefs rely upon articles that Joyce paid to have written.


The Joyce Foundation years ago realized that a Supreme Court case on the Second Amendment was likely, and decided to use its millions to buy the case indirectly. It created a supposed academic research center as its wholly-owned subsidiary. It corrupted law reviews, dictating their content, and even trying to dictate who could speak at universities accepting Joyce’s money. It laundered its money through its Center and thru a University’s Foundation.

An attorney named Barak Obama was right in the middle of the plan.

Joyce paid for a research center at the Ohio State University and then used the center to provide scholarships to those who agree with the collectivist interpretation of the Second Amendment (which basically states that the amendment only applies to the federal government). He then used the center to purchase more influence at other law review centers.

Joyce continued purchasing legal scholarship to support its intended result. In 2004 Fordham University Law Review brought out a Second Amendment issue. It at least acknowledged “The conference was funded by a generous grant from The Joyce Foundation.”

Two years later, Joyce bought the Stanford Law and Policy Review. The price had gone up, and the laundering of money become more sophisticated: its 2004 grants (now offline) listed:

Ohio State University Foundation John Glenn Institute for Public Service & Public Policy Columbus, OH $125,000. To host a symposium at Stanford Law School on the connections between the Second Amendment and the Fourteenth Amendment, to publish papers in a major law review, and
disseminate findings via the Web. (2 yrs.)”

Note that the funds were now being laundered via the University’s Foundation. The issue was apparently a “customized” one. Stanford Law & Public Policy Review is a small journal, publishing twice a year. That year, however, it had three issues.

The Stanford publication made no acknowledgment that Joyce was underwriting the issue; with the money being laundered through OSU’s Foundation, the editors may not even have been informed. The discovery of the funding did embarrass the Review enough to cause its present editors to publish an open letter online,10 which asserted that they had been told that OSU (not Joyce, note) offered to defray the cost of printing this special third issue. The editors noted that Saul Cornell had organized the conference for the Review, and that his Center had paid for it, They also noted that the Review does not now receive any payments supporting it, underscoring the unusual nature of the earlier grant. Essentially, Joyce money had been laundered through OSU’s Center to organize the conference itself (with Prof. Cornell hand-picking the presenters), and more Joyce money had been laundered
through the OSU Foundation to print a special issue of the Review with those papers. It is hard to envision a more perfect corruption of the academic process.

This comes on the heels of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and Obama’s work with Ayers in which they funneled millions to radical left wing organizations to indoctrinate students into the, as Ayers would say, Communism with a little “c”.

What kind of friends and influence will he bring into the White House if elected?

Too scary to imagine.

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