Posted by Scott Malensek on 7 October, 2008 at 5:47 am. 8 comments already!


My first instinct, I’m ashamed to say, was to laugh. It’s wrong to laugh at other people’s suffering-PERIOD, and it’s even more wrong to do so when people are suffering because they’ve been misled about simple ideas. I mean, if someone loses a family member you don’t laugh at em (even if it was during a freak dynamite fishing incident gone bad or something similarly stupid). We’re supposed to feel empathy for each other. We’re supposed to take care of each other. So it is that I’m trying hard to feel sympathy for those who have been SO SO SO misled about McCain/Palin that they’re losing sleep, can’t think, can’t eat, and are actually seeking therapy over their fears; their misled paranoia.

Remember, these people are Americans. They are our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers. They are our friends. They are Americans, and they are in pain. As funny as it might be to laugh at someone for being afraid of Sarah Palin, it is wrong to laugh at their pain. A more appropriate response is to try and comfort them, and that can only be done by informing them that their fears, paranoia, panic, and obsession is based on political propaganda rather than reality.

Never before in the course of American history, has a pair of high heels caused so much terror.

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