Posted by Scott Malensek on 7 October, 2008 at 7:54 pm. 55 comments already!


Obama is STILL making the same 3 foreign policy gaffes (lies):

1) The US didn’t take its eye off the ball in Afghanistan and let UBL escape because Bush was preoccupied w Iraq. UBL escaped in Nov2001, Iraq buildup began 10 months later, and Iraq was invaded in 2003. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE GET OBAMA A CALENDER

2) The cost of the war in Iraq literally changes every week according to Obama. Tonight he claimed it was $700+bn. No. That’s the cost of the war on terror as a whole. Iraq (per the Congressional Research Service) cost $444.6bn as of July. For reference, the cost of all the Clinton Wars was about $450bn most of which was spent “containing” Saddam, and that “containment”….caused UBL to decide to start killing Americans; caused the war on terror

3) Obama promised to encourage democracy, reforms, peace, love, and happiness in Pakistan via foreign aid, but Biden said in the VP debate that the first thing they’d cut due to the financial crisis….is foreign aid.

(waiting for link to transcript)

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