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Check out this video of CNN’s Soledad O’ Brien who ran a focus group after the Palin/Biden debate. In the video she asks who thought Biden won and who thought Palin won, with a show of hands. She says in the transcript that there is 32 people in the audience and if you pause the video you can count 28 of them. (h/t Creative Minority Report)


SOLEDAD O’BRIEN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It’s been absolutely fascinating to get a sense of what resonated and what did not resonate and what they take away from this evening.

So let’s begin, folks, if we can. Thirty-two people, roughly again, Wolf, broken down, registered independents, registered Democrats, registered Republicans. So basically evenly.

Show of hands, who do you think won the debate? If you think Joe Biden won the debate, raise your hands. OK, that looks overwhelming. Let’s now do if you think Sarah Palin won the debate, raise your hand. So small handful. Joe Biden wins by a significant margin there.

But watch the video and you get a completely different picture:

12 for Biden, 11 for Palin.

“Joe Biden wins by a significant margin”?

Indeed. Even if the out of view four raised their hands for Biden it still wouldn’t be a “significant margin.”

No bias there….

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