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Sarah Palin did something tonight that SHOULD cause a chain reaction of terror in Washington DC. She might not have won on technical points or gotchas or whatever barometer a pundit or spinmeister chooses. However, she did tap into the chord that Americans are pissed off at the finger pointing, at looking back, and doing the same ole same ole. They want a change in Washington, and a hope for a new future. Obama promised that once, but he’s changed. He’s campaigning old school. Instead of making bi-partisanship (something which he has no experience in) his core theme, he’s abandoned it to gotcha politics, name-calling, half truths, etc. Instead of promising real change, he’s put it on a podium and a banner behind him like every other marketed product. He used to talk about how there are no more red states, blue states, just red, white, and blue states.

Tonight, Sarah Palin picked up Obama’s baton. She did it when she said, “Never again. Never again will we…” and the rest was irrelevant. She didn’t say Republicans or Democrats, or Bush, or whatever.

Sarah said, “…we…”

That might sound like nothing to some people, but to the people that matter in the last 4 weeks of the election-people who don’t follow politics with a passion, people who are sick of politics, people who are sick of partisanship, and incumbents, and lobbyist payoffs, and tax loopholes for Puerto Rican Rum makers…to those people “…we…” makes all the difference.

Now we get to see if the campaigns noticed.

Thank you Sarah

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