Posted by Scott Malensek on 1 October, 2008 at 7:41 am. 2 comments already!


Last night and today I’ve been looking at the war in Afghanistan/Pakistan. It’s amazing, and there are three dominating themes to what is happening there:

1) The world did not support the invasion of Afghanistan as many have misled for political purposes

2) No one ever “took their eye off the ball” as the timelines bear out in scale, detail, and astonishment at the historic efforts and accomplishments American and allied forces have been made.

3) The myth that there is no Global War on Terror is perpetuated by people who are ignorant of historical events (recall that Congressional Democrats took Congress in 2006 and immediately banned the use of the phrase “global war on terror” in all official documents)

Let’s take for instance, the Global War on Terror in PAKISTAN, but-since so much has actually happened there…let’s just look at this year (the period 2001-2008 has just too much information/action/historical events to grasp without doing a LOT of reading)

take a look at the link and see if there’s a war on terror in Pakistan this year, and if you think the US has “taken its eye off the ball”?

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