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In 1988 Bruce Willis played the character of John McClane in the ground breaking movie Die Hard. The premise of the movie involved a group of determined thieves who were masquerading as terrorists in order to loot the Nakitomi Corporation of six billion dollars in bearer bonds. The plan was ingenious in that the thieves intended to blow up the top of the building after herding all the corporate employees onto the roof. As explained by “Hanz Gruber”, ably played by Alan Rickman, the thieves would make their escape in the ensuing chaos, and it would be weeks, if ever, that the authorities would be able to sift through the rubble in order determine who had perished. John McClane, a New York police officer who happened to be in LA visiting his wife who had moved there to pursue her career, consistently thwarted the thieves intended scheme and eventually prevailed against the bad guys, though bloodied and beaten up in the herculean effort.

Now flash forward 20 years to 2008. George Bush announces the need for a seven hundred billion dollar (that’s $700,000,000,000.00) bailout of Wall Street in order to avoid a complete collapse of the banking industry. The Chairman of the Treasury Department, Henry Paulson, and the Democratic led Congress quickly crafted legislation to authorize the bailout which would have bailed out the banking industry (and by extension Wall Street), but which would have also funneled huge amounts of taxpayer money to groups such as ACORN to “help the homeowners”.

The only problem is that ACORN is one of the groups primarily responsible for the mortgage industry collapse in the first place, since being led and supported by Barack Obama, who was acting in his capacity as “community organizer”, and backed by the Communities Reinvestment Act, beginning in 1994 they filed lawsuits, picketted, organized sit-ins and rallies, and otherwise intimidated the lending institutions into making loans to people who could not, or in many instances, would not pay them back, all under the auspices of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which the Democrats were using as their personal slush fund, looting millions upon millions of dollars from the unsuspecting taxpayers, under the guise of providing loans to the poor and minorities, many of whom were illegal aliens.

Secretary Paulson at the Treasury Deparment and Chairman Bernanke at the Federal Reserve moved swiftly with Congress to craft and enact legislation designed to bail out Wall Street and banking industry, while including provisions that would bolster and expand groups like ACORN, the grievance enforcers in the housing industry. In short order they agreed in principle to a plan that would cover all their butts, ie. Wall Street, Capitol Hill, the Federal Reserve, the Bush Administration and even ACORN, just not the taxpayer who would be footing the bill. Nor was any mention was made of reforming the Communities Reinvestment Act which had forced the lending institutions into making the risky loans in the first place.

Enter John McCain.

Hearing, while out on the campaign trail, that the Republican House members were being “railroaded” and shut out of the negotiations, and after being contacted by one of the Republican leaders, Lindsey Graham, McCain suspended his campaign and returned to Washington. When the House Republicans filled him in on their reservations to the bailout, McCain allowed the House Minority Leader, John Boehner, to air those reservations in a meeting that he urged President Bush to convene between all the major players. Once the Republican position became known, the meeting which Barack Obama was supposed to be leading, quickly degenerated into a shouting match by Democrats against the Republicans for refusing to go along, “for the good of the country”. Even though the Democrats did not need the Republican votes for passage of the bill, since they control both the House and the Senate, they needed to make it seem like a “bipartisan” bill in order to deflect the backlash from their constituents they knew would be coming, especially if how the crisis came about actually ever became known.

The Democratic leadership were livid and complained publicly how John McCain had inserted “political partisanship” into the process, even though he actually had said very little during the meeting. With support for the bill floundering, the Democrats ratcheted up the rhetoric accusing McCain of putting his own self interest above that of the country, which ironically was exactly the opposite. McCain was, in fact, drawing fire for standing up FOR the taxpayers of the country. As the days have passed, more and more is being learned how the Democrats had engineered the housing market collapse to propel themselves and their nominee, Barack Obama, into office while at the same time using the “emergency funding bill” to cover their tracks and seize greater power over the banking and housing industry. Once Obama became President, all traces of the Democratic complicity would quietly be swept under the rug. There would be no investigation, no hearings, and with the “Fairness Doctrine” implemented, no voices of opposition. Their victory would be complete. America would have devolved into a socialist state, effectively silencing all dissent through Obama’s “Truth Squads”, and his “Public Allies”.

So thank you, John McCain. Your very presence in this process has upset their apple cart, and perhaps we can live to fight another day. You truly are the warrior we need to fight this battle for us and for our children, even though you have emerged from the fray bloodied and beaten up by the Democrats and their media allies. The fictitious character in Die Hard, John McClane has nothing on you. Hollywood should be making movies about you instead.

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