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Iran has successfully blackmailed us. Iranian Silkworm missiles could close down Gulf oil exports in a matter of minutes, taking about 17 million barrels a day of oil off world markets. Americans could suddenly be looking at the prospect of $10-$12 for a gallon of gas. If the collapse of Wall Street doesn’t push us into a depression, that would. And Bush is right: An angered Iran could punish us with thousands of extra casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, as Iranian-trained, armed and funded fighters flow back into the war zones with a vengeance.

So, giving the go ahead to Israel would just not be worth it.

But none of this changes the fact that Israel – on its own, without U.S. complicity – is moving closer to a decision to attack Iran, almost by the day.

Bob Baer’s a pretty knowledgable, and very well accepted source by both the left and right. However, what’s really important in this piece is that last line about Israel on its own doing the attack. If that happens, the world will change within minutes, and it will happen so fast that no 24/7 cable news outlet will be capable of reporting it. Why? Because the military pieces on the chess board are not just in place, but have already moved into attack/defend positions. They are as close as they can be without throwing hardware in the air, and when that happens, flight times are minutes and seconds.

…and one wonders how Iran, Obama, and McCain will react.


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