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As many of you know I had to take down the old form and forced readers to email their posts to me but I have found a new form plugin that looks secure so it should be much easier now for you to submit your reader posts….give it a whirl.


Trying something new out here at Flopping Aces. We’re gonna give the readers an opportunity to submit their own posts to the blog. Check out the sidebar and you will see the new section devoted to submitting a post. There are some guidelines of course, and not all posts will be approved (specifically posts that should be submitted to DU or Kos instead). But we have so many great readers and commentors I figured it was worth a shot to see if there was any interest from those who have something to say. If you have your own blog feel free to advertise it but no other advertising, or spam, will be allowed.

You must be registered with the blog to submit a post so if your not registered check out the button above the header image and get registered.

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