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There’s an update of Bill on Hillary in the news.
But first, I have to give credit to the Lucianne staff for the below.

Bill Clinton pulling out all the stops to campaign for Obama.

They post some great photos and captions daily to start your news surf off with a smile. But this one seems to go hand in hand with this ABC news blog article…


Apparently not only was Hillary not overly enthused about being the Veep (not a surprise to most of us…), but Mr. Bill confirms it publicly.

ABC News’ Russell Goldman Reports: Despite saying she would accept the offer to be vice president, Hillary Clinton never really wanted to be Barack Obama’s running mate, her husband former President Bill Clinton told ABC’s The View.

“Not really, she didn’t,” Clinton said in response to a question from host Barbara Walters about whether Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y. wanted to join her one-time opponent on the Democratic ticket.


President Clinton told The View that had Obama chosen his wife instead of Delaware Sen. Joe Biden it would have been “the best politically,” and that his wife would have likely taken the job though she didn’t want it.

“It’s a very personal decision who should be vice president. I like Sen. Biden a lot. I think he was a good choice. [Hillary Clinton] would have been the best politically at least in the short run because of her enormous support in the country,” he said.

President Clinton said Sen. Clinton would have felt duty-bound to accept the offer, but that she enjoys being a senator.

“She said, ‘if [Obama] asks, I’ll do it, because it’s my duty.’ She loves being a senator for New York and has more freedom to develop her positions on the issues and her things,” the former president said.

So much for that Oct 5th rumor of Hillary replacing Biden… Never believed it myself, but I suspect that Hillary would never accept being an after thought…. a “2nd choice”.

But I’d have to say Bill’s appearance on “The View” cinches that rumor as false. He’s openly announcing to the world that Hillary didn’t really want the Veep slot, but would take it as a “duty”. For Obama to be planning on an October switch, he’d have to be in negotiations with Hillary even now. If that were happening behind the scenes, Bill’s public confessions strike me as extremely counterproductive.

This puts a proud and arrogant Obama in the position to bite the bullet, and beg Hillary to do her “duty” to the country and run with him. Personally, I can’t see him doing that… unless he was very very desperate.

And since that’s not in his make up – to admit desperation – I’m going to say a Hillary October surprise is a dead rumor.

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