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“Fake News Shows Don’t Teach Viewers Much About Political Issues, Study Finds”

A new study suggests that entertainment news shows such as The Daily Show or The Colbert Report may not be as influential in teaching voters about political issues and candidates as was previously thought.

Previous studies have reported up to 48 percent of all adults and 60 percent of young voters used fake news shows as a source of campaign news in the 2004 presidential election. [emphasis added] But researchers from Ohio State University have found reasons to discount how effective these shows are in informing the general public.

The study found that people who watch fake news shows learn far less about political issues and candidates than people who watch television news shows on networks such as CNN and NBC.

This story is so packed with irony and incidental humor that I’m dizzy. Gosh, now let’s see…The Daily Show, Colbert Report, NBC’s Weekend Update on SNL…these shows are all 1) extremely critical of those in power as all political humor is by nature 2) are extremely left leaning and far more favorable to Democrats than Republicans. What’s really amazing is that not only is fake news not a good source…it’s not even CLOSE to NBC and CNN as if those are two really good sources anymore.

At least we know where the left gets their news now, and why their talking points seem so surreal.

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