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Macsmind says the authors of this smear piece are well known Democrat “assassins” whose sole job is to put out disgusting lies into the blogosphere. Today, they put out that this women supposedly hates Eskimos (even tho she is married to one) AND called Obama a sambo:

Two members of Barack of Obama’s campaign, Dick and Sharon Price, created a post today on their “LA Progressive” blog that accuses Sarah Palin of using the name “Sambo” to describe Barack Obama.

Aside from the fact that this constitutes slander, for there is absolutely no evidence – sources, etc, there is more to the story about “Dick and Sharon”. First, their blog only came into being on 10 March 2008 according to whois records.

This is about the time that several satellite Pro-Obama blogs began to appear around the internet, several of which were found to be funded by the Obama campaign. Most likely this rag is funded by the Obama campaign as well.

Secondly, according to sources they are bona-fide Democrat political operatives that are known for planting such slanderous stories about opposition candidate going back for a while now.

The source called them “assassins”.

Just shows how desperate these yahoo’s have become. They fall all over themselves over a report from Democrat operatives whose only source is a waitress named Lucille (I kid you not) and others who wish to remain anonymous.


And now it looks like KOS has gotten smarter. He’s deleted the link to the story.

Don’t miss this at Michelle Malkin either. Bill Maher doesn’t know whose the real mother of Trig.


Confederate Yankee has some background on the author:

The LA Progressive post attacking Sarah Palin as a racist and a sexist that has been swallowed unquestioningly by the dimmer lights of the progressive blogosphere is the work of one Charley James.

Who is Charley James?

James is a far left-wing blogger that views radical activist web site Democracy Now! as “one of the few news and public affairs programs delivering real news”… perhaps not that surprising for the kind of person shocked that some damnable Americans in progressive Canada didn’t appreciate his “Bush Lied/They Died” tee shirt.