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Since the announcement of Governor Sarah Palin as the Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Senator Barack Obama has been almost completely removed from media spotlight. For years now his campaign has been received more coverage than any other 2 Presidential campaigns combined, and like a floodgate that’s been closed….the coverage just isn’t coming anymore. The vetting, smearing, naysaying, and all-around attacking of Governor Palin and her family has just been more important to members of the media than is reporting on the latest repeat of years-old speeches about CHANGE and HOPE.

So how desperate to get some free advertising time has the Obama/Biden campaign become? They’ve become so desperate that Senator Obama has finally-after years of turning a cold shoulder-agreed to do an interview with Bill O’Reilly of FOX News. Purely coincidentally I’m sure the Senator has agreed to do the interview on the night that Senator McCain gives his acceptance speech for the Republican nomination (a tact that Obama would have called “political malpractice” had Senator McCain pulled a similar stunt).

Making matters worse for The One, Governor Sarah Palin was grossly underestimated and when she gave her acceptance speech last night, she did not avoid political attacks as had been expected. She did not avoid any references to her insufferably scrutinized family as expected, and she did not fall on her face as had been hoped by so many Democrats and pundits. No, Governor Sarah Palin needed to give the speech of a lifetime, and she gave it. She gave it AND THEN SOME!

And so it is….

  • cooled by a week where the warmth of a friendly media spotlight had been removed,
  • empty by the lack of a significant post-convention bounce in the polls,
  • trailing far behind where he should be in the polls,
  • flooded with less than effectual campaign funding,
  • stuck to a Vice Presidential nominee that had boasted years of knowledge but still confused battalions and brigades 3 times in a week, and
  • reeling from a small town mayor’s calling out and dressing down…

Senator Barack Obama has chosen to do something challenging and go on The Bill O’Reilly Factor.

  • Will he explain how his foreign policy for the future differs from that of Sen McCains and President Bush’s?
  • Will he explain how he opposed the war in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and in 2009 expects Americans to support the war if he’s elected, but…maybe not if he’s not elected?
  • Will Bill O ask him how taxing businesses will encourage those businesses to hire and reduced unemployment?
  • Will he explain how when a person’s boss is getting taxed more, they’ll be more inclined to give away more in pay raises?
  • Will he confuse battalions and brigades like his o-so-knowledgable running mate?
  • Will he say what state he plans to jail Osama Bin Laden in if he closes Gitmo?
  • Will he comment on how Pres Bush and Vice Pres Cheney have been called chickenhawks by his supporters, but he and Senator Biden have not?
  • And what Democrat will play the drinking game where every time Senator Obama says, “Um” you have to do a shot?

Last night’s speech at the RNC was incredible.  When it was over, even pseudo-newsman-wannabe Keith Olbermann said it was a great speech (not sure if he wrote that on Daily Kos yet though). Today and tonight and the rest of this campaign are going to be even more amazing!  Last night was Governmor Palin’s crucible.  Tonight, after years of campaigning for President, Senator Obama faces his first substantive challenge.

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