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Jay Tea at Wizbang has done a fabulous job of detailing why Sarah Palin’s experience trumps Obama’s by a mile, and she isn’t even running for President:

Palin is inexperienced, has less experience than Senator Obama. That depends on your definition of “experience.” On paper, purely by the calendar, it’s true.

But what matters to me is not quantity of time, but quality. What Palin has achieved in her political career dwarfs Obama’s accomplishments, as well as those of a lot of other politicians with a lot more time in office.

In 2002, she ran for lieutenant governor, and lost. As an apparent “consolation prize,” she was appointed Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. There, she made an incredibly stupid rookie mistake — she took her job seriously. She actually investigated and brought action against corrupt politicians of both parties. And when the corrupt faction of the Republicans blocked her from going after their cronies, she issued a scorching resignation that named names — names that ended up paying very hefty fines for misconduct.

Palin then used that as a springboard to clean up the state overall, and ran for governor against the incumbent Republican. Frank Murkowski. Astonishingly, she beat him in the primary and won the right to take on the Democratic nominee, former governor Tony Knowles. Knowles had the experience and outspent her mightily, but she still beat him by over seven percentage points.

That’s right. She took out a sitting governor AND a former governor.

So, what has she done since she took office two scant years ago? Well, for one, she promised to cut the state’s budget and lower taxes. Some of the things she did was to put the state’s airplane up for sale on EBay. She also looked at the 30-year-long fight over the Trans-Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline and blew her way through the last obstacles. She shaved almost a quarter of a billion dollars off the state’s budget. She fought against a bunch of pork-barrel earmarks for the state.

One place she failed: she backed the Republican challenger for indicted Senator Ted Stevens. Stevens won that primary.

She also passed some significant ethics reforms, further burnishing her reputation as a fighter of corruption.

With her two years in the governorship, along with her prior four years of mayor of Wasilla, Palin has more executive experience than any of the other three people on the national ticket. She has more than all of them combined. All have spent their entire careers as legislators.

Oh and Senators Obama and Biden? Palin has also served as Commander in Chief of the Alaska National Guard for two years. Would you care to cite your own quasi-military records?

But of course we have the MSM complaining that her real minus is because she has never appeared on Meet The Press……I’m not kidding, check the link.

And the last line of this post goes to Mike Huckabee who took on Alan Colmes and beat him with a stick:

AC: Do you believe that Sarah Palin is ready, Day One, if God forbid something happens to John McCain?

MH: I think she’s far more ready to be President if something happens to McCain than Barack Obama would be if something doesn’t happen to McCain.

Take that!

But it’s not really her experience the nutroots are upset about…its because she is hitler, as written in this piece at KOS entitled “F___K YOU CBS and FOX NEWS!!!”:

Wow, Miss Beauty Fisherman Hunter Hitler Palin PTA Soccor Mom has ZERO experience and all the NEOCONS drool over her like she is all everything wrapped into one.

Stay classy lefties….stay classy.

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