Posted by NewConservative on 28 August, 2008 at 6:16 pm. 4 comments already!

I’ve researched alot of candidates for VP and I find that there are two that stand out to me. One is Eric Cantor, he has everything a Conservative could want in a VP candidate he’s a social, fiscal and a forgien policy conservative. He has a tragic story about his cousin being murdered by terrorist. (I hate to make that a positive but we are in a war with these people.) He’s a strong supporter of Israel. He’s an amazing fundraiser and he’s the only Jewish Republican in Congress. However even with all these amazing qualifications he lacks one thing, he’s not a woman. I believe to win this election we will have to steal some of those Hillary Clinton voters away from Barack Obama while at the same time holding true to our conservative principles. I know of only one person that has all those credentials and can attract women to the ticket, Sarah Palin.

John McCain should name Sarah Palin has his VP. Palin is like McCain’s twin when it comes to fighting corruption. She doesn’t care where it is she’s going to find it and make whoever is responsible pay. She also helps in the energy debate, she is for drilling offshore, and for drilling in ANWR. She brings in all three segments of the Republican Party and she’s a Christian so she may very well spark the evangelicals to rally to McCain’s side. (Something McCain has not acheived on his own.) We need all three branches of the Republican Party and a few Democrats to win this election. Palin could bring some Democratic women into the fold. I believe that naming Palin as VP will give us the best chance to win in November. Go to New Conservative for more from this author.