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In what is a less controversial rememberance of those that died, and those who risked and gave their lives in the aftermath of 911, a flag draped, cross of the steel debris from the North Tower is traveling via motorcade to it’s new memorial home in Shanksville, PA… about 1.5 miles from the embattled Flight 93 National Memorial.

Retired firefighter Pat Concannon, owner of an excavating business involved in the WTC rescue efforts, pulled the cross shaped debris from the wreckage.

Retired Lieut. Paddy Concannon of the Family Transport Service
for the FDNY stands beside the cross.
Both photos courtesy of The Shanksville Volunteer Fire Company

The Fire Family Transport Foundation is a nonprofit that provides transportation to families of injured or deceased members of the Fire Department of New York.

Mr. Concannon provided the cross to the Shanksville Volunteer Fire Company, who will erect the Memorial upon it’s arrival tomorrow evening. It will sit in a base of concrete shaped like the Pentagon.

L-R Shanksville Captain Sean Daniels, New Enterprise Concrete Mark Marteeny, Shanksville Fire Chief Terry Shaffer and FDNY firefighters Steve Collins, Paddy Concannon, Bobby Fraumeni, Kevin Mullee and Ben Reonegro helped pour the Pentagon shaped footer.

The cross has a motorcycle motorcade for the 311 miles, made up of participants of the Iron and Steel Motorcycle Run, a benefit run that not only acts as a honor guard, but with proceeds to benefit the Foundation

You can read the Star-Ledger story here.

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