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Joe Biden is the Vice Presidential pick for the Obama team:

Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware is Barack Obama’s pick as vice presidential running mate, The Associated Press has learned.

Biden, 65, is a veteran of more than three decades in the Senate, and one of his party’s leading experts on foreign policy, an area in which polls indicate Obama needs help in his race against Republican rival John McCain.

The official who spoke did so on condition of anonymity, saying they did not want to pre-empt a text-message announcement the Obama campaign promised for Saturday morning.

Works for me, now we can play that soundbite of that “clean” black guy comment from the guy over and over again.


Yes! Here is the audio:

Lets not forget the Indian 7-11 racist comment he made:

Here he is proud that his state was a slave state:

But we all are supposed to know he didn’t really mean this kind of stuff in a mean way right? He’s a liberal so he just can’t be racist…..

Ask Sen. Byrd that please.

Awesome pick Obama….just stellar.


Jonah Goldberg:

I think it is an outright terrible decision on Obama’s part to pick Biden. Yes, he helps balance Obama’s inexperience on foreign policy, but he also reminds people of it. Yes, Biden could conceivably be effective as an attack dog. But Biden is such a gasbag he makes the Hindenburg look like a sack of rocks. Obama doesn’t need to increase his lip-flapping quotient. Biden is a gaffe machine and Obama is bad explaining faults, and his VP’s faults will inevitably become Obama’s in the Fall campaign. Biden will be fantastic at convincing people already eager to vote for Obama to vote for Obama. His ability to convince the undecided is much, much weaker, in my opinion. There’s more than a small risk that Biden will reinforce the sense that this ticket is all about hearing itself talk. I wouldn’t be surprised, two months from now, that we’ll hear a lot of talk about how Obama’s mistake in picking Biden can be explained by Obama’s inherent weakness, and love, for talky-talk-talk.


A few Biden statements that should interest a few people:

Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) Reaffirmed That Obama Was Not Ready To Be Commander In Chief. ABC’s George Stephanopoulos: “You were asked is he ready. You said ‘I think he can be ready, but right now I don’t believe he is. The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training.’” Sen. Biden: “I think that I stand by the statement.” (ABC’s “This Week,” 8/19/07)

Sen. Biden: “Having talking points on foreign policy doesn’t get you there.” (”Biden Lashes Out At Obama,” ABC News’ “Political Radar” Blog,, 8/2/07)

Sen. Biden Called Obama’s Pronouncement “Very Naive.” Sen. Biden: “It’s a well-intended notion he has, but it’s a very naive way of thinking how you’re going to conduct foreign policy. … [T]he way to deal with it is not to announce it, but to do it. The last thing you want to do is telegraph to the folks in Pakistan that we are about to violate – quote – ‘their sovereignty.'” (“Biden Lashes Out At Obama,” ABC News’ “Political Radar” Blog,, 8/2/07)

More here and at Stop The ACLU.

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