Posted by SAM on 13 August, 2008 at 7:31 am. 15 comments already!

This is not a joke. Within hours of a cease-fire having been declared in Georgia, Democrats raced to get on TV and claim that Senator Obama was the one person responsible for peace because he had asked for it (apparently similar calls from President Bush, Senator McCain, France, Germany, the EU and the UN were all sideshows-what mattered was what The One said).

THEN-when it came out that the Russians never really stopped their invasion, but merely paused to consolidate positions and logistics-Obama’s foreign policy advisor used her MSNBC propaganda outlet to claim that Senator McCain was responsible for fighting in Georgia.

Meanwhile, the DNC’s platform echoes the Bush Administration almost identically, and faux-anti-war groups are showing their true colors by blaming Georgia for the invasion of Georgia rather than the invader: Russia.

VIDEO: Obama brings peace to Caucuses using Jedi mind tricks to cause a cease-fire

VIDEO: Obama’s mind tricks were spoiled by Senator John McCain and his apparent ignorance of how wars are fought (btw, Susan Rice is THE PERSON who repeatedly led the fight against taking custody of Osama Bin Laden when Sudan offered him up in the 1990’s, and she did so because she believed a policy of not talking to state-sponsors of terror was a sound one for the Clinton Admin).